Need some social media reports templates for real estate? We’ve put together some amazing places to grab them. Read on to find out more.

Whether your real estate business uses social media to share open houses, new listings, or agency news, you need periodic reports to track performance. But what’s the best way to convert all that data into a visual report?

Get inspired by these social media reports templates for real estate.

Agorapulse Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

As an Agorapulse user, you can create custom reports easily, without having to enter your data manually. Choose the metrics you want to highlight, add your logo, and export your report.

1. Social Media Marketing Report Template

Track your community management metrics to ensure you’re connecting with leads. (You can also do a lot more with a social media report.)

Agorapulse social media reports template for real estate

Canva Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

If you want to add analysis or recommendations to your report, take a look at the templates that Canva offers. Although you have to add data manually, you can customize any aspect of the report with your own colors, branding, and visuals.

2. Quarterly Social Media Report Template

Discuss your social strategy and share highlights.

Canva quarterly report template

3. Social Media Services Report Template

Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like engagement.

Canva social media services template

4. Comprehensive Social Media Report Template

Report on website traffic to assess the return on investment (ROI) from your social media channels.

Canva social media report template

5. Social Media Analysis Template

Compare engagement, reach, or audience growth across social channels.

Canva social media analysis template

Flipsnack Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

Flipsnack also has customizable report templates that help your analyses look as professional as possible. Just pick a template, input your data, and add your summary.

Find out why teams love managing their social with Agorapulse.

6. Weekly Social Media Report Template

Use an eye-catching chart to report major social media metrics.

Flipsnack weekly report template

7. Monthly Social Media Report Template

Share insights regarding social media influencers.

Flipsnack monthly report template

Piktochart Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

Since Piktochart is an infographic creator, its report templates are ideal for visualizing data. Customize charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals to show off your social media performance.

8. Social Media Marketing Report Template

Find the best social channel to drive traffic to your real estate website.

Piktochart social media marketing template

9. Social Media Audience Report Template

Break down your social media metrics by platform.

Piktochart audience report template

Venngage Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

From campaign reports to case studies, Venngage has the templates you need. Adapt any of them for your real estate agency by adding custom colors and branding.

10. Social Media Management Report Template

Cover audience and performance metrics for each social profile.

Venngage social media management report template

11. Social Media Case Study Report Template

Maximize value by tracking metrics like conversion rate and cost per action (CPA).

Venngage social media case study template

12. Social Media Campaign Report Template

Provide a complete campaign analysis that covers engagement, hashtags, and ROI.

Venngage campaign report template

13. Social Media Monthly Report Template

Highlight growth opportunities across social channels.

Venngage monthly report template

Visme Social Media Reports Templates for Real Estate

From monthly reports to annual analyses, Visme has excellent options for marketing reports. Choose a template, add your social channels, and start digging into the data.

14. Monthly Marketing Report Template

Chart revenue streams to make sure you’re leveraging the right social channels.

Visme monthly report template

15. Annual Social Media Report Template

Make engagement, impressions, and conversions easy to understand.

Visme annual report template

Visualizing your real estate agency’s social media analytics doesn’t have to be difficult. With these social media reports templates for real estate businesses, you can use graphs and charts to make your data understandable and actionable.

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