Need some social media reports templates for your agency? We’ve chosen some of the most popular ones to share with you.

Whether your agency provides social media management, strategy, or advertising, periodic performance reports are critical. So how can you transform clients’ social media analytics into an easy-to-understand and visually appealing format?

Take these social media reports and marketing reports templates for agencies and customize them for your clients

Agorapulse Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

Because Agorapulse is a social media management tool, it can pull and organize your clients’ data into visual reports. All you have to do is select the metrics you want to feature and export your report.

1. Scheduled Social Media Report Template

See how engagement stacks up, from likes and replies to retweets and direct messages.

Agorapulse social media reports templates for agencies

Canva Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

From quarterly analytics to social media summaries, Canva has several professional-looking report templates. Just add data manually, type up your team’s analysis, and share it with your clients.

2. Mid-Quarter Report Template

Discuss projections for the upcoming quarter, including major metrics.

Canva mid-quarter report template

3. Social Media Campaign Report Template

Share highlights from the previous quarter and include your analysis.

Canva social media campaign report template

4. Social Media Services Report Template

Write a summary of the metrics and social channels you manage for clients.

Canva social media services template

Flipsnack Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

Flipsnack has a carefully curated selection of weekly and monthly marketing reports. Choose the best one for your purposes and personalize it with your team’s analysis.

Find out why teams love manaing their social with Agorapulse, all-in-one smm solution.

5. Weekly Marketing Report Template

Track content shares from each social channel to identify which works best.

Flipsnack weekly marketing template

6. Monthly Social Media Report Template

Report on engagement, referral traffic, and audience numbers.

Flipsnack monthly report template

7. Weekly Social Media Status Report Template

Write an analysis of your social media activities and progress.

Flipsnack weekly report template

Piktochart Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

Because it’s an infographics-focused app, Piktochart is ideal for data-heavy reports. Find the right format, customize the colors, and show off those metrics.

8. Social Media Monthly Dashboard Template

Help clients understand how each social media channel is performing.

Piktochart monthly report dashboard

9. Social Media Quarterly Report Template

Offer a snapshot of important metrics from each channel over the past quarter.

Piktochart quarterly report template

10. Social Media Audience Report Template

Explore audience demographics with bold charts.

Piktochart audience report template

Venngage Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

From competitor analyses to campaign reports, Venngage has tons of report templates. Grab one with the right focus and adjust the icons, color scheme, and branding to meet your agency’s needs.

11. Social Media Report Template

Develop a social media marketing trends report that features hashtags and influencers.

Venngage social media report template

12. Competitor Analysis Report Template

Provide a visual representation of competitors’ social media profiles.

Venngage competitor analysis template

13. Social Media Monthly Report Template

Monitor social media performance and highlight growth opportunities.

Venngage monthly report template

Visme Social Media Reports Templates for Agencies

Whether you need to print or present a social media report, Visme has you covered. Find the right report template for your team to give your data a professional edge.

14. Annual Digital Marketing Report Template

Make progress easier to understand with visuals.

Visme annual report template

15. Weekly Social Media Marketing Report Template

Use charts and comparison tables to show off results from paid campaigns.

Visme weekly report template

Adding a visual touch to your clients’ social media analytics is easier than you might think. With these social media reports templates for agencies, you can make your analysis shine with graphs, charts, and data.

Get started on saving time and energy on your own social media management! Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts.