Many Agorapulse users have been asking about Twitter’s decision to discontinue free API access on February 9, 2023. We want to reassure everyone that this decision won’t affect your Agorapulse experience nor your connectivity to the Twitter platform.

At Agorapulse, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we remain on top of Twitter’s API decisions.

We understand that Twitter’s decision creates a great deal of uncertainty and apprehension among users. Rest assured that Agorapulse is doing its part to help you navigate these changes and ensure that our users have a smooth and uninterrupted experience. If you want to know how this will affect Agorapulse and you, please read this article about Twitter’s price increase.

Thanks for trusting Agorapulse as your go-to social media management platform.

We will keep you updated on any news regarding Twitter’s API changes here and via @Agorapulse.


Status update:

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An Update on Twitter\'s API Changes and Agorapulse