We’re pretty active on Twitter, and we’ve been using other services to manage our brand account @agorapulse and my own @eernoult. But we haven’t been satisfied with those tools for several reasons.

Inbox chaos
We never got that “empty inbox” feeling.  I kept returning to my Twitter feed wondering which tweet I checked last. Super frustrating.

A mess of followers
We kept bumping into profile after profile who were exactly the type of customers that needed our product. But since none of the tools we used offered an easy way to keep track and follow up with them, we never did! Such a waste.

Teamwork was a nightmare
At least 4 people are working on our Twitter accounts at any given time: my French community manager, my Spanish community managers, my Irish community manager, and myself.

Most tools on the market gage their pricing per user.  With some, 4 people working one account could cost us $240 month. No way am I paying $240 a month to use Twitter!

Keeping up with it all has been a time-consuming mess.
  • Who’s done what?
  • Did that Spanish tweet get a response?
  • Should I respond to this tweet or has someone else already done it?
  • Help! It was so bad that I was almost OK with not responding to anyone!

So, we built our own Twitter management tool.

We designed our Twitter management tools to relieve these 4 pains we had managing our own account.

1. We cleaned up the inbox mess

When you log in, you’ll see a link to your new tweets that haven’t been reviewed.  Review each new tweet individually, or review all with one click.  Everyone on your team will see which tweets have been handled, and by whom.

You can filter between mentions, re-tweets, direct messages or all, and take action on any piece of content directly from the inbox.

Agorapulse Twitter Inbox

You’ll never miss a tweet again, and you’ll never have worry about what’s pending and what’s been done.

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2. We created a Twitter CRM machine

You’ll see profiles for each user who has interacted with your account, whether you’re following each other or not.  View their profiles, see all your recent interactions, flag them to easily find them later, or create a customized tag for any user or group of users.

Agorapulse Twitter Users Menu


Agorapulse will automatically identify influencers who have been re-tweeted a lot in the past month, and Ambassadors who have re-tweeted you or posted links to your website.

You can export them all with one click.

3. Teamwork finally works

The review system lets you know what’s pending and what’s already been handled by you or by others.

When you assign any tweet, re-tweet, mention or DM to any member of your team, they’ll receive an instant notification email informing them of action to take.

We also built team metrics and reporting for your account, so you can keep track of who’s doing what.

Agorapulse Twitter Admin Reports

4. We brought the cost way down

Give all these tools to as many account managers as you like for as low as $29 per month.  Twitter management is included with our Facebook apps, analytics and moderation tools.

Twitter was our most requested feature of 2013. After 6 months of hard work, here’s the public Beta! We really hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

There are still improvements in the work (contests and promotions, a publishing queue and more…) but it’s already very powerful.  Give it a try!