Trying to find some comments on your Facebook page?


Facebook not making it easy for you?


I know.



Facebook’s native content management tools are so simple you can learn all about them in less than 2 minutes-


Facebook’s content management tools



You’re gonna need a third party Facebook page management software to manage your large, active brand page’s Timeline.  We put together a list of tips on the key features you’ll need, based on tons of experience and research.  Make sure the app provider you select gives you these features:


Getting right to what matters

    • o
    • Filter between your content and fan content only


    • Filter between types of content- updates, images, videos & links


  • Filter between posts and comments


Facebook tips for business -timeline filters

Third party apps, like Agorapulse, provide Timeline filters to get you directly to the content you’re looking for


That’ll save you an hour or two at least.  😉

Then, make sure you have the ability to separate new fan content that no one on your team has reviewed yet.  Facebook’s notifications are pretty useless for large or active pages.  Your third party app has the responsibility of making sure you never miss a fan’s post or comment. Next-

Search feature.  ‘nuff said


Facebook tips for business - filter new fan content

Dashboard featuring new fan content



Getting back to what matters

    • o
    • Flag specific content (yours or theirs) so you can easily find it later


  • Tag specific content for easy grouping and organization.  And, so you can easily find it later.


Make sure your app provider allows you to create customized tags that fit your brand

Make sure your app provider allows you to create customized tags that fit your brand

Your app provider should also make it easy for you to access each piece of content directly on Facebook (one click).

And, if your app provider has custom workflow management tools, and it really really should, you’ll be able to filter directly to fan posts or comments that have been assigned to you.

Facebook comment moderation should be easy, and it can be once you’ve found the right tools.

You can see more of Agorapulse’s moderation features here.

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Happy Shopping!

Your turn.  Did I leave anything out?  How’s your app shopping/using experience been?