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Written by Rivka Hodgkinson

Last modified September 19, 2017 at 5:54 am

6 Ways to Revive Your Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that you create without an expiration date. Unlike content that is time bound (such as an event or recent news), evergreen content is content that your audience will not only find useful right now, but also 6 weeks or 6 months from now.

With evergreen content, your social media audience has more chances to see your best posts, and you can leverage the time spent on creating the content. So what’s the problem? If evergreen content is overused or becomes to feel stale, then your social media will start to feel stale and irrelevant too. And how do you expect an audience to react to stale, irrelevant content?

With these tips, you can experience all the benefits of evergreen content without any of the downsides.

1. Monitor Your Results

The first step to making your content feel fresh again is to notice when it is not.

Make sure you closely watch on your post engagement to notice both quick declines and slow-and-steady drops over time. Noticing these trends can help pinpoint exactly when you need to refresh your content.

social media monitoring

Make sure that you have enough evergreen content, as well as overall content, to keep a variety of posts going out. If you lay a good foundation and are monitoring your results, then you are ready to implement the next five strategies for keeping your evergreen content relevant and appealing.

2. Change the Text

The first and easiest way to update your evergreen content is to change the text of the post. You don’t have to invent something totally new, simply change the wording of your post.

For example, maybe I was posting this blog post on social media with the text – “Are you doing all six of these things to keep your evergreen content from going stale?” I could instead change it to “Many businesses are missing out on the power of evergreen content because they don’t know how to do this…”

The same message, the same link – different wording.

Change the text to revive your content

3. Delete Out of Date Posts

Make it a part of your social media schedule to review all your upcoming posts – including the evergreen content. Occasionally something changes unexpectedly, and something that you thought would still be helpful suddenly is, well, wrong. In other cases, you create a new piece of content that does a better job of explaining the content and you would rather promote that instead.

Don’t be afraid to cut out content that is no longer serving your audience or resonating with your brand.

4. Change the Format

Is your post text only? Add an image. Or maybe there is a video that you can include instead.

If you have a question, leave the text alone and make it a fill in the blank question instead. You can also try adding a couple spaces to split the text into multiple lines on Twitter, or change up the hashtags.

5. Add New Images

Consider switching out the images you are using to illustrate your point. On Twitter and Facebook, you can attach images that are not included in the original post for a link post. Be creative and have fun with your images and see which ones perform the best.

You can also consider adding multiple images which will also give your post a different look.

Refresh your evergreen content by changing photos

6. Refresh the Source Material

Oftentimes evergreen content consists of sharing a blog post or other content that exists on your website or other online property. Occasionally rather than changing the social media version directly, you might want to update the source material.

Review the blog post to see if there is new information you can add, or update the images to match the most recent version of the software or other material you are reviewing. This will not only benefit your social media content, but your overall content, presentation, and perhaps even your search engine results.

How Do You Use Evergreen Content?

The idea of evergreen content is not new, by the way. What is bringing this concept to the forefront is that now tools exist to make the process of managing and sharing evergreen content easier and less labor intensive.

For example, Agorapulse now has a new feature called “requeue” that allows evergreen content to be shared to Twitter multiple times automatically after adding it only once. You can watch the details of how it works in this video.


Is evergreen content a part of your strategy? What are your favorite tips?

5 Great Ways to Revive Your Evergreen Content
Rivka Hodgkinson

Rivka has been managing and teaching social media for over 10 years, working with clients in a wide variety of industries. Her specialty is in creating content that connects and starting real relationships in the online world. She has been a speaker on the topic of social media all over the United States and worked with clients around the globe. She has been featured on numerous podcasts and published in The Better Business Book. When she is not writing, creating, and speaking, you can usually find her doing one of her two favorite hobbies - reading and baking.

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