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Written by Emeric Ernoult

Last modified February 8, 2020 at 3:51 pm

Agorapulse and Canva join forces to let you create great visuals for your Facebook contests!

There are many reasons for the success or failure of a Facebook contest. Design is definitely one of them. You may offer great prizes and have an ambitious promotion plan, if the visuals used on your contest application are not appealing, you won’t be happy about your conversion rate.

The calls to action have to be clear, the prizes appealing, but above all, the design needs to make the users think “wow, this looks cool”.

Very few of us have an in-house designer, or enough budget to hire a free-lancer for that task.

That’s when Canva comes to the rescue.

Canva home page

Canva home page


At Agorapulse, we’ve been using Canva for months for our design needs, and, we must say that we’ve really fallen in love with the tool.

Once you’ve spent a couple hours to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, the options are endless. It’s so well thought and user-friendly that anyone can create professional designs in no time.

In order to make it easy for you to add great looking visuals to your Facebook contests, we’ve integrated Canva right inside Agorapulse. The only requirement is to create a free Canva account, that’s all!


1) From your Agorapulse Facebook contest builder, click on “image”, click on “Design with Canva”:

Design Canva button inside Agorapulse contest builder

Design Canva button inside Agorapulse contest builder


2) Canva will magically open in a pop-up right within your Agorapulse contest builder:

Canva opens within Agorapulse

Canva opens within Agorapulse


3)  Choose one of the default visuals:

Canva opens within Agorapulse



4)  Personalize it to match your brand and your message

Canva opens within Agorapulse -2


5) Click on “publish”:

Canva opens within Agorapulse 3


6) Back to your contest builder, simply click on “Update:


7) Your new design will automatically be embedded within your Agorapulse application.

canva settings


No need to download, re-upload, etc. Too easy!


If you want to re-use the same design later on, or make changes to it, simply log into your Canva account directly on Canva, your design will be right there, ready to be edited or downloaded again:

Canva opens within Agorapulse



Isn’t that simple?

I’ve recorded a quick tutorial to show you how it works:

You now have the ability to design your Facebook contests like a pro. Canva is free to use if you don’t use their premium images. Even if you do, they cost $1 per visual, really a great deal.

We can’t wait to see the great visuals you’re going to create with our new Canva integration.

Kudos to the Canva team to make this a reality.

Emeric Ernoult

Emeric is the co-founder of Agorapulse, a social media management tool used by more than 11,000 businesses across 180 countries. As a social media marketing pioneer, Emeric has advised well-known international brands such as Virgin, FIA and Microsoft, among others. In his spare time, Emeric loves to kitesurf and fly drones. Check out his Medium blog to hear about his tales in entrepreneurship.  

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