This is it! After several months of intense development, we’re delighted to present a new version of the Agorapulse platform: Inbox notifications and Monitoring are on the menu, among others.

Without further ado, let’s discover all the latest updates available on Agorapulse:


1- A new dashboard

We’ve completely reworked the dashboard to give you better use of the platform.  At a glance, you’ll see what needs to be reviewed in:

– Your inbox

– Monitoring section

– Publishing section (if there are drafts)

You’ll also get a quick view of current campaigns on your Facebook page

social media dashboard assignment 

2- New Facebook Inbox

Originally developed for Twitter, our “Inbox zero” feature is now available for Facebook too!

Your page’s inbox will conveniently display all the messages that require your attention:

– Fan Posts

– Fan Comments

– And … Private Messages!

Rest assured, you’ll never miss a single piece of content!  Elements to be processed are immediately visible in the “To Review” filter (notifications will be visible to indicate how many pieces of content are pending)

You can review each post, comment or message individually.  Reply, which will automatically mark it as reviewed, or review all and acheive a clean slate with one click of a button.

Tag any piece of content or assign it to any member of your team.  Anything is possible!



3- Private Messages

They’re finally here! You’ve asked us to add Facebook private message management for weeks. Now we have.  You can answer directly from Agorapulse and save a TON of time. No need to search for your messages on Facebook anymore, everything is conveniently located in your new Inbox.


4- Monitoring

In this new tab, you’ll see users and facebook pages who shared your content, or mentionned you.

You can then go directly to the publication (on Facebook) and interact with your true ambassadors!



5- Choose your reporting period

As you know, you can export your Facebook page’s performance in powerpoint format for 30 days prior to the reporting date. Now you can export your report for 7 days prior and choose the beginning date of your report. Greater flexibility that was expected by many of you.

Export reporting is included with your subscription at no extra cost, so feel free to save yourself valuable hours and let us build your reports for you!



6- Daily and weekly emails

Every morning you receive an email notification indicating the pending items on your accounts. Now, on top of that, you’ll receive a summary of your page’s performance in your inbox evey week. Download this report in a powerpoint format with one click.



Bonus:your campaign reports are now generated in real time. This allows you to monitor changes in the number of your game’s participants as they develop!

Of course, many other features have been improved and many more improvements are coming. Brace yourself, because the next 2 months promise great things too!

Stay Tuned!