Citrus Content is a UK-based content writing agency who specializes in real estate. Its core clients are estate agents who it supports with content for anything they need — from social media and blog posts to website and brochure content to editorial and more.

With a healthy numbers clients around the world, Citrus was in need of a better way to manage their social media accounts.


Too much time spent between two social media management tools that didn’t deliver.

Citrus Content had been using Hootsuite for over 5 years and even though they liked it, it had limitations.

“We needed valuable reports for our clients and started to use Sprout Social simply for the reports. I felt there must be a tool that would provide the easy, clarity and power of scheduling as Hootsuite and the quality of reports we found on Sprout Social,” explained Andrea Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Citrus.

Morgan conferred with colleague Ian Cleary from Razor Social who recommended Agorapulse as a perfect fit for Citrus’ needs.

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Andrea Morgan of Citrus Content tried two social media management tools before using Agorapulse.

They first tried Agorapulse alongside Hootsuite and Sprout Social as it was a big risk to move all their clients at once. Quickly, however, the agency felt that Agorapulse on its own gave them what they were looking for.

In addition to meeting the agency’s technical requirements, the big ‘seal the deal’ moment for Morgan at Citrus was the personal touch from Agorapulse.

Morgan elaborated “Emeric (the CEO) and the team were keen to answer our questions about Agorapulse. This personal approach I had not seen from the other platforms and to me made me want to use them even more.”



One, easy-to-use tool that saves remarkable time and frustration

With one tool that offers solid scheduling and reporting, Citrus no longer has to shuttle between to different tools and interfaces. The agency has also found the process of scheduling multiple accounts and managing the engagement to be easier than the tools they previously used.

Citrus has also saved time from its posting duties through Agorapulse’s auto image upload feature.

“When uploading into Hootsuite, we would have to save an image to our PC and then upload. It could often be a pain especially as we post an image on every post for all our client and business accounts.  Having Agorapulse automatically select the image has saved probably a minute per post.  When you add that to the number of posts we share across the many accounts every day it starts to mount up,” Morgan shared.

The agency is also no longer frustrated at its former tools’ approach to customer service.

“I know if something goes wrong, Agorapulse is always on hand to help us resolve the issue, not by an email ‘grab a number’ way, but to physically talk to. I feel that we are able to achieve more for our clients using this platform and I recommend it to anyone who will listen,” Morgan gleefully declared.

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