Should you choose Hootsuite as your social media management tool? If you’re considering it, you’re most likely asking yourself, “What are the pros and cons of Hootsuite? If this isn’t the best tool, what is? What do the Hootsuite reviews say?”

To help you in the decision-making process, we’ve written a comprehensive breakdown of Hootsuite reviews from 6,185 real Hootsuite users on the most respectable review sites, such as G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.

Why would we at Agorapulse do this? As one of Hootsuite’s competitors, we have a clear, understanding of the competition’s pros and cons, pricing plans, and ratings based on Hootsuite users’ reviews and opinions.

If you would rather focus solely on Hootsuite’s pricing plans, read our Hootsuite’s Pricing Revealed: How Much Does Hootsuite Really Cost? article. And if you’re torn between Hootsuite and its competitor Sprout Social, get a fair, data-driven comparison in our Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social article. You can also book a demo to see for yourself what Agorapulse can do.

No time to read the whole piece?


Here’s a very high-level summary:

  1. Hootsuite is seen as out of date. This legacy solution struggles to keep up with its far-more innovative competitors, according to thousands of user reviews. This lag has allowed Sprout Social and Agorapulse to lead in terms of user experience and perception.
  2. It’s significantly behind the competition in user experience and ease of use. Hootsuite’s age is showing: It was ranked a low 8.1 compared to Agorapulse’s solid 9.1. That significant gap is backed by solid data and user testimonies.
  3. Hootsuite lags behind Agorapulse in the ranking of critical features. Agorapulse beats Hootsuite across the board, especially in publishing, monitoring, and reporting. Reviews on Capterra give Agorapulse an 8.7 out of 10, and Hootsuite an 8.3. This seemingly small difference is significant, for it affects how users perceive the overall experience of using these solutions.
  4. Growing agencies and businesses are forced into the Enterprise plan. Hootsuite’s pricing for this plan isn’t publicly listed on their website. However, from our own research we have found that pricing begins at $18,000 annually for the Enterprise plan.
  5. Hootsuite’s “value for money” depends on whether you’re a small company that is not growing or one that is active and expanding. You’ll have to look at your specific needs and see whether Hootsuite is a good or bad “value for money” option. The answer will depend on what your specific needs are and whether your business intends to grow. For example, if you have more than 3 users and/or 20 social profiles, or you intend to grow beyond that, Hootsuite is probably not the right choice for you.

Now, let’s dig into a detailed overview of Hootsuite.

1. Hootsuite is “dangerously out of date”

Hootsuite was one of the first companies to open the market of social media management solutions. But this legacy tool has struggled to reinvent itself and innovate its products in comparison to its more agile competitors, such as Agorapulse and Sprout Social.

“Hootsuite is dangerously out of date. In its early days—in the absence of any other tool and amid only a few social media channels—Hootsuite’s user interface was groundbreaking. You could create a different stream for each channel. Then, the Internet evolved. More channels appeared. More incoming message types were introduced. But Hootsuite didn’t evolve with the Internet.” (The Hootsuite Problem by Tod Maffin)

Tod’s perception is common to Hootsuite customers.

“Hootsuite is outdated and not much has changed over the past decade. I was grandfathered in with the pricing, and now cannot transfer to another social media management tool for even a tenth of what I pay to Hootsuite.

Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to download draft posts (copy, images, links, hashtags) for you to present to a client and get approval. It only allows you to export to a csv file, which is pointless when your client needs to see how their images and links are going to look.

It takes them a long time (sometimes years) to build in the features that I see other social media management tools have – such as Instagram Stories scheduling and Pinterest.” ( “Basic and Outdated” on G2 review site)

It’s no surprise then that users rate Hootsuite’s product direction at a very low 7.4 on the G2 review site.

That dismal score is especially concerning if you’re deciding whether to choose Hootsuite. You want a product that keeps up (and sometimes is ahead of) the social media landscape.

That tool is not Hootsuite.

Sprout Social rates 8.8 by comparison; Agorapulse is a solid, industry-leading 9.1.

Agorapulse vs Hootsuite product direction score on g2

2. It’s significantly behind the competition in user experience and ease of use

Hootsuite is significantly below Agorapulse in terms of ease of use, admin, and setup, according to G2 reviewers.

Ease of use, admin, and setup

On average Agorapulse ranks 9.1, and Hootsuite averages at 8.4.

This difference demonstrates how thousands of users felt about these ease of use, admin, and setup.

Agorapulse vs hootsuite ease of use

Hootsuite’s low rating is reinforced by what we’ve read in the comment sections of the reviews.

“It isn’t as user-friendly as other social media management software. There is not a calendar really to help you see all posts upcoming and past at a glance. Also when sharing it with another team member, the views can get very confusing to others and I feel that the learning curve is a bit high.” (“Does the Job but isn’t very user friendly” on G2)

Considering the low rating in ease of use, setup, and admin, Hootsuite’s support should be stellar to make up for it.

After all, when users are having issues, they should be able to turn to customer support.

So, how does Hootsuite’s customer support rate?

Quality of support

In terms of quality of support, Hootsuite is rated at 8.0, one of the worst support ratings on G2 for the industry.

Agorapulse vs Hootsuite Quality of Support ratings on G2

That low number shocked us for such a huge legacy company.

We dug deeper into the ratings of the most popular social media management tools and determined that the average quality of support score is 8.8—far above Hootsuite’s low 8.0.

In comparison, Agorapulse has the proven No. 1 customer support in the business, according to G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius. It ranks an industry-leading high 9.2.

Product direction

If you’re looking for a social media management solution that evolves with the ever-changing world of social media, you should pass on Hootsuite.

Once again, Hootsuite has one of the lowest scores in the industry for its product direction. It is rated a mere 7.4 in an industry where the average of the most popular social media management tools is 8.82. Agorapulse’s product direction is clearly favoured by users with a rating of 9.1, much higher than the industry average.

G2 product direction agorapulse vs hootsuite in April 2024

For the high price tag that accompanies Hootsuite, you should expect the company to dedicate itself to continually evolving its product.

However, this is not the case according to some users.

“When compared to some competitors, Hootsuite is showing its age in function and UI. Innovation has slowed – one wonders if this is due to reductions in force at the company. For those new features that are delivered, many aren’t really useful for my needs. UI is slowly being addressed, but the replacement of tired elements has mostly been done with features that offer a reduced, not improved, experience. This has been frustrating to watch.” [“Social media workhorse with uninspired roadmap” G2 review]

All those factors contribute to Hootsuite consistently trailing behind its top competitors for functionality, ease of use, value for money, and customer support.

Capterra also confirms that Hootsuite consistently trails behind in the industry for its overall score: 86.

capterra ranking of agorapulse, hootsuite, buffer, and sprout social

By comparison, Agorapulse ranks far above it at a solid 92 overall.

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3. Hootsuite lags behind Agorapulse in the ranking of critical features

Though Hootsuite does a decent job of helping users publish content to different social media channels, it continually gets a lower score than Agorapulse from users.

Reviews on Capterra for functionality (see above Capterra chart) give us an 8.7 out of 10, and Hootsuite an 8.3. Agorapulse beats Hootsuite across the board, especially in publishing, monitoring/listening, and reporting.

That difference may look small, but let’s look at what it means.


Hootsuite ranks a decent score for its Publishing (scheduling, automation, networks, and community engagement).

publishing reviews of hootsuite and agorapulse

However, when you compare Hootsuite’s score to Agorapulse, you can see that Agorapulse really rates far ahead in the individual categories:

  • Scheduling: Agorapulse’s 9.4 to Hootsuite’s 9.1
  • Automation: Agorapulse’s 9.2 to Hootsuite’s 8.6
  • Networks: Agorapulse’s 9.1 to Hootsuite’s 8.7 (significantly lower)
  • Community Engagement: Agorapulse’s 9.2 to Hootsuite’s 8.3 (another major difference)

In all those subcategories of Publishing, Agorapulse’s rating on G2 averages 9.22 (out of 10) whereas Hootsuite averages 8.67.

That difference can be attributed to features offered by Agorapulse (and not on Hootsuite), such as:

  • Post customization for each social network
  • Saved hashtag groups to reuse on your posts
  • Interactive shared content calendars with clients and other stakeholders


Monitoring is a crucial feature for anyone involved in social media management. You must stay on top of online conversations about your business, your clients, your competitors, and others in your space.

Solid monitoring can help you better strategize your marketing campaigns and help you craft social content for better engagement. (And you can also spot a crisis-in-the-making that needs to be dealt with immediately.)

How does Hootsuite rate for its social media monitoring?

Once again, Agorapulse has the edge over Hootsuite on every subcategory of social media monitoring: social measurement, sentiment scoring, influencer identification, social reporting, and social listening.

social media monitoring reviews of agorapulse and hootsuite

Hootsuite’s ratings have a 7.7 average; Agorapulse’s rating is 8.5. Though that difference is only 0.8, it clearly demonstrates again that Agorapulse has superior monitoring features.

In addition to looking at the scores for monitoring, you should also take into your buying decision-making the fact that Agorapulse offers features that Hootsuite does not.

Those features include:

  • Collision detection
  • Social inbox for Instagram and YouTube (in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Fact: Agorapulse was the first social media management tool to offer a social inbox in 2014. Sprout Social followed with its version in 2017, and Hootsuite finally offered one in 2019. (This yet again shows how Hootsuite continually lags behind in product direction.)

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Analytics and Reporting

One of a social media manager’s regular tasks is to report on KPIs and other meaningful metrics.

But if you need paid campaign tracking, Agorapulse is not your best choice.

We do offer a free tool, but it won’t be as comprehensive as the paid reporting tools offered by Hootsuite.

However, keep in mind that this type of reporting is an add-on to both solutions and is quite expensive. You’ll have to pay $18K/yr (annual option only) for Hootsuite’s Enterprise plan with the Impact add-on.

For everything else, we’re having the same pattern again: Agorapulse is ahead of Hootsuite with an average of 7.75 vs. 8.4!

hootsuite reviews

Agorapulse does offer superior reporting features that are a better value for money:

  • Instagram Stories reports
  • Facebook competitor reports
  • Amazingly beautiful reports that will make you look like a rock star
  • Truly aggregated data (not side-by-side data but data integrated in one chart)

aggregated report

By comparison, Hootsuite makes you sign up for the Enterprise plan to get features like:

  • CSV exports to sort and filter your metrics. (Agorapulse offers the same in all its paid plans.)
  • Schedule reports to external users. (This feature can be as low as a $29/mo add-on to Agorapulse’s plans.)


4. Active agencies and businesses will be forced into the Enterprise plan

If you’re an active business or agency needing to manage more than 20 social profiles or more than 3 users, you’ll exceed the limits of the Team plan and need to choose the Enterprise plan.

Hootsuite plans



Need “real live human support” any time of day? An approval workflow? Automated moderation rules? You won’t get any of those on the Professional and Team plan either. You have to choose the Enterprise plan.

While the Hootsuite website doesn’t publicly list any pricing info for their Enterprise plan, our own research found that on average costs start at $18,000 for the Enterprise plan.

And the worst part? You still won’t get the best support in the business.

Hootsuite’s support gets the worst rating among the four largest social media management solutions:

  • hootsuite reviews



6. Hootsuite’s “value for money” depends on whether you’re a small company that is not growing or one that is active and expanding

If you’re just managing the publishing and engagement of fewer than 20 social profiles and don’t need any additional users on your plan, Hootsuite is an affordable option.

As one reviewer mentioned on G2:

“Hootsuite provides a good overview of your social media channels and makes scheduling a breeze. It is good for companies with less than 4 social media channels as there are better tools out there to handle bigger social media accounts.” (“Nice tool for small companies with low social media activity” on G2)

Also, if you must integrate your social media dashboard with other business apps, such as Zendesk, Hootsuite once again may be a good option for that specific need.

However, Hootsuite is most likely not a good fit for you if:

  • You manage more than 20 profiles.
    Your only Hootsuite option will be the Enterprise plan, which requires an investment of at least $18,000. All at once. No monthly option is available.
  • You have a team of more than 3 users.
    Again, your only option is the Enterprise plan. So, if your agency has more than 3 people managing social and doing community management, or if your customer support team has more than 3 agents answering questions on social media, you’re shelling out serious cash. (The more affordable Agorapulse Advanced plan is only $149 per user/month. And its even more cost-effective when paying annually, as the price drops down to just $119 per user/month for yearly billing.)
  • You’re an agency.
    Even if you’re a small agency and can handle the user/profile limits of the Professional and Team plans, you are going to need features only available on the Enterprise plan. Those include: a content approval workflow, labeling outgoing posts, automated moderation rules, saved replies, automatically emailing reports to clients every week or month, team response time to customer’s questions, and more. (BTW – All those features are available on Agorapulse’s Advanced plan. For an initial investment of $149 a month, per user. If you pay for the entire year up front, the cost drops down to just $119 per user/month. Plus, you have the option to enroll in our free agency-specific Agency Love program.)
  • You have a very active social media presence.
    If so, you’ll need automated moderation rules, saved replies, and collision prevention. Again, you’ll have to choose the Enterprise plan, which starts at approximately $18,000 upfront. (The Agorapulse Advanced plan, by comparison, works out to just $119 per user/month (when billed annually).
  • You demand timely, helpful customer support.
    Hootsuite’s support gets the worst rating among the four largest social media management solutions, according to almost 6,000 user reviews on G2.


And after you realize that you’re paying waaay too much for your current social media management tool, reach out to us for a free demo of Agorapulse, and take control of your social media today. 

What 6,185 Reviews From Real Hootsuite Users Will Teach You