We recently were selected winners of the 2022 Best Software Awards on G2 Crowd. Out of thousands of contenders, we’ve accomplished something special.

G2 is driven by real-life users of software. More than 60 million people yearly go to G2 to read and write authentic reviews of +100,000 software products and services.

At Agorapulse, we take feedback from our customers very seriously. We always appreciate receiving comments and learning what customers love about our platform and also what we can improve to make their work easier. We reply to each one of them individually!

By doing so, we not only thank each customer for taking the time to share their thoughts with us but also:

  • Ensure that their suggestions are considered for the planning of our product roadmap
  • Discover valuable opportunities to improve our product
  • Build stronger relationships with our customers

In light of those reviews, we want to share with you the top four features that our clients love—and why users love them.

g2 awards at agorapulse

1. Publishing: Agorapulse saves you massive amounts of time

awesome scheduling tool agorapulse reviews

One of the most important parts of a social media strategy is content: planning content, creating content, scheduling content and, finally, publishing your content!

All those steps require plenty of time and attention to detail. Being able to schedule content in advance and for multiple social media platforms is one of our clients’ favorite features.

Why this publishing feature is loved

The process of creating content for social media can become quite complex, especially when working on multiple social media channels with clients and teammates. So, our customers appreciate the flexibility to:

  • Easily customize the content of your post to adapt it for each social media platform
  • Create and schedule draft posts to continue working on them later
  • Share your posts for approval internally or externally (Having the option to leave comments on these posts to communicate with your team is a big plus.)
  • Add labels to every post to easily organize content and measure its performance

With those publishing features, our clients can save time when sharing their content on social media. Doing so allows them to focus on engaging with their audience and to maximize the impact of the content that they’ve created.

2. Engagement: Building long-lasting relationships is easier when using Agorapulse

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Agorapulse customers come from all kinds of industries: marketing agencies, brands, universities, hospitals, and more. But what do all our customers have in common?

They work daily on a busy inbox to engage with their customers on social media. Whether it is to sell a product or answer to claims, the stream of comments, DMs, and other types of interactions can keep social media professionals really busy.

According to our reviews, another heavily loved section is the social media inbox and all its features, such as …

  • The option to create saved replies to save time when solving queries about recurring topics
  • Features to reply comments on ads from one single platform
  • The ability to assign conversations and to share feedback with your teammates
  • The option to leave notes on your conversations to add more context to them
  • Tagging conversations with custom labels for easy filtering and reporting
  • Option to create automatic moderation rules to decrease response time and to automatically handle delicate content

The features available in the social inbox are designed to help social media professionals work more efficiently. They can then focus on having valuable conversations with their audience that can build stronger relationships, which ultimately drive sales.

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3. Reporting: Creating reports for multiple clients is painless when you use Agorapulse

creating reports

agorapulse reviews on g2

Tracking the performance of your social media campaigns cannot be overlooked by social media strategists.

After all, analyzing key performance metrics for each one of your campaigns is vital to understand how to build a better social media strategy, what content has resonated the most with your audience and which social media platform is bringing you the biggest ROI.

However, as pointed out by our customers, analyzing social metrics is not an easy task to do on your own. Pulling out data from multiple platforms can be an exhausting task, especially when working with several different clients and campaigns—all at the same time!

According with our customers reviews’ last year, what our customers value the most about reporting features is the ability to find all the data that they need about their different social media platforms in one single dashboard.

The way that the data is presented in Agorapulse allows our customers to easily analyze their content’s performance and to share these important insights with clients and other stakeholders, either automatically or by selecting a specific time period when they need it.

Plus, to continue helping our clients to prove the ROI of social media, we recently launched our latest social media ROI tool! This new feature allows client to directly access to data from Google Analytics to understand the direct impact of organic social media in their business goals.

4. Support: Agorapulse works with you

agorapulse reviews on g2

agorapulse reviews

Selecting the right software does not only involve making sure that you get all the features that you need to make your work more efficient and streamline your workflows.

Let’s face it, no matter how good a software is, glitches can always happen, Facebook can be down sometimes, or you might end up needing some extra help to understand something in the platform.

For those reasons, selecting a tool that can have your back when you need it is something crucial that our reviewers highly appreciate.
Our caring customer support team received a big shoutout from reviewers last year. We are very proud of the work that they do to help customers whenever they need.

In Conclusion

Getting this recognition by G2 warms our hearts, but knowing we’re helping you and your teams succeed is what really matters.

We’ve written this post to thank our customers for sharing their reviews with us and for helping us to continually grow our product!

Want to find out what all the positive buzz of Agorapulse is about? Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts.

Agorapulse Reviews: What Our Awesome Customers Are Saying About Us on G2