Tiny homes are a big thing right now—and have been for a while. Each house is only between 320 and 400 square feet in size and ideal for anyone striving for a more minimalist life.

One of the leaders in the tiny house market, Legacy Housing offers a variety of models and floor plans, which range from one to three bedrooms and include the option of adding a large covered patio.

In business since 2005, Legacy Housing also continues to build high-quality homes at a substantial value to its network of independent retailers, company-owned stores, and their customers. Building 80+ floor plans ranging from one to five bedrooms with up to 2,600 square feet, Legacy has developed its reputation on designing family-functional floor plans and offering features that most of the competition cannot match.

With more than 130 retailers in 14 states primarily located in the southwest and southeast of the United States, Legacy is poised for exponential growth. And with that growth comes greater marketing efforts and social media campaigns.

We recently had an engaging conversation about social media management with the marketing coordinator of Legacy Housing Corp., Kira Hovancik.

Q: What social media management tool were you using before Agorapulse?

A: At Legacy, the only social media tool we were using was Facebook, which is where we were managing all our Heritage Housing dealership pages as well as our Tiny House pages.

Q: What made you start looking for a new social media management tool?

A: When I started working at Legacy Housing, my first project was to find a social media management tool to keep all our Facebook pages organized and to have room for our new social media pages (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) that I would be creating in the upcoming months!

My boss, Casey, was managing all the pages himself, on top of all his other duties. So, it was crucial to my start here that I get all our social media pages organized and find a program that worked for me since I would be using it daily.

Q: How did you discover Agorapulse?

A: I started researching social media management programs online. Obviously, there are so many options out there. I read articles comparing programs, the size of the plans offered, and the price of the programs since I had a budget to stick to.

After I made myself a list of all the programs I wanted to try, I signed up for all the free trial options and experimented publishing posts on our Facebook pages with the different management programs.

It took me maybe three days to realize I was using Agorapulse more than all the other programs! That made my decision very easy after the free two-week trial period was over.

manage your social with agorapulse

Q: What made you decide to go with Agorapulse?

A: The decision was fairly simple to make since I had been using it for almost the full two-week trial before deciding which plan size was going to work best for Legacy.

The calendar-style publishing tool really helped me visually see what I was doing, which was what I was looking for in a management program.

calendar view in publishing social media posts

The other big factor was the fact that Agorapulse allowed me to upload all our Facebook pages and kept everything organized on the sidebar.

Plus, Agorapulse was always keeping in touch with me during those first two weeks which I really appreciated. They were answering all my questions immediately and I value that type of communication.

Q: How else has using Agorapulse helped you? 

A: Since Legacy wasn’t using any social media management program, it was important that the first program we would start using would fit all our current needs and future needs of the company.

It was also very important that we had a program that included reports and data on our social media pages. Those reports are crucial for our growth at Legacy and also for our dealers who are selling our homes.

reports and data for social media campaigns

The more knowledge they have on how their social media pages are performing, the better they can reach their customers.

Because you can schedule posts in advance, I have saved myself on days when unexpected projects have come up, and I’ve already created my posts for the day. Being able to schedule posts in the future means if I have a great idea, I can create weekly posts to execute my idea in one sitting.

Agorapulse doesn’t limit my creativity or my strategic planning!

Q: Have you seen other benefits of using Agorapulse?

A: Agorapulse has really helped keep all my social media tasks organized and all in one place which I really appreciate when I am super busy.

I know I have much more to learn on Agorapulse, and at some point, I am sure I will be sharing the program with a larger social media team other than myself! Even though I haven’t experienced sharing the program with a teammate, Agorapulse seems to have made the program seamless enough to share with teammates and have multiple users contribute. I will be looking forward to utilizing this feature and others in the future.

* * *

“I would say that it has probably saved me about 2-4 hours a day in creating content,” says Legacy Housing Corp. marketing coordinator Kira Hovancik, in wrapping up our conversation. “I’ve never timed myself or anything like that, but I know I can create daily posts on all our 16 pages in under 20 minutes if I have an idea and just need to create the post. And the fact that there are so many ways to manipulate the data that comes in from our pages is what really helps me create efficient content and helps me target my creative flow to be targeted!”

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