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March 4, 2015 at 4:49 am

Is Pinterest a good fit for your business?

Businesses who are not yet on Pinterest often wonder: “Would it be a good idea for my business to open a Pinterest account?” Take the test to find out!

Is Pinterest a Good Fit for your Business?

There are businesses for which Pinterest is a no brainer like Fashion, Art, Home Décor, Photography, Family, Travel, Food and Fitness.  However there are businesses for which it may not seem like a good fit at first, but could be with some tweaks.  Let’s look at the examples and the tweaks that can be made to help create boards that work for your business on Pinterest.

Use these following questions to decide if Pinterest is a good fit for your business.

pinterest categories


Does your brand fall into one of the Pinterest Categories?

Pinterest is making their platform geared more towards search by showing users through guided search, suggested pins and promoted pins.  To stand out you need to find the area you will most  be found as a business.  Take a look at the categories below from Pinterest, does your brand fall into one of these areas?  Could your content work for more than one area for optional search?

Categories on Pinterest 


  • Animals & Pets
  • o

  • Architecture
  • o

  • Art
  • o

  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • o

  • Celebrities
  • o

  • Design
  • o

  • DIY & Crafts
  • o

  • Education
  • o

  • Film, Music and Books
  • o

  • Food and Drink
  • o

  • Gardening
  • o

  • Geek
  • o

  • Gifts
  • o

  • Hair and Beauty
  • o

  • Healthy and Fitness
  • o

  • History
  • o

  • Holidays and Events
  • o

  • Home Décor
  • o

  • Humor
  • o

  • Illustrations and Posters
  • o

  • Kids and Parenting
  • o

  • Men’s Fashion
  • o

  • Outdoors
  • o

  • Photography
  • o

  • Products
  • o

  • Quotes
  • o

  • Science and Nature
  • o

  • Sports
  • o

  • Tattoos
  • o

  • Technology
  • o

  • Travel
  • o

  • Videos
  • o

  • Weddings
  • o

  • Women’s Fashion

follow business category on pinterest


As you can see almost any topic can find a special spot to perform well on Pinterest when targeting your audience.  It’s just a matter of how you set up your boards and the descriptions you use on your pins to capitalize on these key categories.  Now that Pinterest has added interest options to each of the categories, there’s a potential that they can help users find your business by searching or following a specific interest that fits their needs. A business however needs to focus on ways to become an expert in those areas through pins as well to be highlighted.


Does your business create images for  your  website?

Pinterest is an ideal fit if your business is selling highly vTarget-Pinterestisual products. You are already providing content for your users take advantage of Pinterest. Take the next step and with pins make it available to them on there as well.  If you provide images on your website your customers are more likely to share on Pinterest as well.  Did you know that more than 75% of traffic on Pinterest comes from Mobile devices?  Be sure that your images are pinnable with optimized vertical sizes to pop on the mobile platform.  There are certain brands that perform well based on images Pottery Barn, Oh Joy, Target, Lowes, or even Whole Foods.  Consider how you can use these companies’ concepts to work for your business visually on Pinterest.

Potential and loyal customers will pin from your website if there are images for them to pin. 

canva on pinterest

Can you create an image based on your content online?

Do you have a website without any images?  You may be thinking that Pinterest is not the right fit for you but you may be wrong.  There are a number of ways to take print content to create a visual strategy for your brand.  Plus the brain processes images faster than text which may draw new customers to your content.  There are programs like Canva and Picmonkey that help to make the ability to create images quite easy. Quotes and Graphics perform well on Pinterest. How Does SheConstant Contact and Social Media Examiner demonstrate their success with just that.

If you have a limited line of product and feel you don’t have enough to share you could consider working with content creators or bloggers to for campaigns using your products and then highlight them on your boards.  Many times your own clients are willing to showcase success with your product if you invite them to.  Caribou Coffee did a successful campaign at Mall of America on their boards and in real life.  Plus they invite consumers to tag them in their images to be able to share on their boards.

Pinterest Headquarters Pinterest Board

Do you want to express other sides to your business that you can’t on your website?

One of the advantages of setting up a business pinterest account for company is that it allows you the opportunity to show various sides of your company.  Your Pinterest boards should be a strong reflection of the voice of your business.  There are varies ways to approach this.  The first way that recommended addressing the specifics needs and problems of your customers.  Creating boards that help to solves problems and inspire them can help to draw new eyes and save them time in search.  Think of the areas associated with your products for users and then create boards and pins based on those.

Highlight employees within your company and the talents you have or even the facility itself is a window into the life behind the brand helping your customers make connections with you too as a user. They make not get as many repins but it helps to build loyal customers who feel they have a connection with you and your products. Even Pinterest shares a board with us their Head Quarters called Pinterest  HQ

Do you have time to spend on Pinterest for your Business?

This may seem like an obvious question but it’s one companies miss the mark on.  When you make the decision to create a Pinterest Account to support your business be sure you allocate time for spending there.  Successful accounts are active daily and are frequently pinning content that is from your site but also from content that supports your focused industry.  There are scheduling tools that allow the capability of scheduling to make it appear that you are there frequently so it’s very possible to achieve.  However one key element to ensure the person responsible for pinning reflects your brands philosophy, goals and style of design.  If you have concerns ask them to pin first to a secret board for you to review before pinning to have a little bit more control of your content.

business pinterest

Image Source https://business.pinterest.com/en

How to Set up a Business Account on Pinterest .

If you are considering setting up a Pinterest account for your business here is the link to Pinterest for Business. As you establish your company’s presence on Pinterest be sure to share the excitement with your customers.  Highlight the Pinterest logo and link on your website, newsletter and even in your stores.

Here are a few helpful links that will get you started with your Business on Pinterest.

Even if you decide that Pinterest is not a place for your business at this time due to not fitting the listed criteria above.  No matter what it is a source to discover articles shared from leading experts on how to grow your business, especially with the topic of Social Media.

Social Media Pins on Pinterest

Have you decided if Pinterest a Good Fit for your Business?  You will be surprised at the amount of engagement your business can potentially see with an optimized business account on Pinterest.  Chances are with over 70 Million users your loyal customers and potential customers are already there, so make it easier for them to share your business with others through images on your website and an active Pinterest account.

Is Pinterest a Good Fit for your Business

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