NewFire Media is a strategic digital media agency in the southeastern corner of the United States. The agency delivers dedicated expertise in online advertising, social, mobile, video and intelligence.

In an effort to increase its clients social advertising ROI, NewFire Media was on the search for the perfect social media management tool that would improve its social advertising and online community management.

Problem: Too much time spent tracking the comments on its Facebook ads

As NewFire CEO and Partner Jeremy Mace explained, a majority of its advertising services are done on social media platforms like Facebook. Like other smart agencies, NewFire runs unpublished post ads (also called dark posts) on Facebook.

These posts garnered a good number of comments, but NewFire’s earlier social media management software didn’t provide Mace’s team with a way to view and respond to these comments.  Knowing that letting customer comments fester is the kiss of death in the world of community management, Mace took to Google to look for a tool that knew the importance of monitoring ad comments on Facebook.

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NewFire Media CEO Jeremy Mace needed a better way to manage the comments on his agency’s Facebook ads. He found what he was looking for with Agorapulse.

When Google suggested that Agorapulse might fit the bill, Mace decided to learn more. He soon was impressed with Agorapulse’s user interface, cost, and functionality (including ads monitoring).

Solution: A community management tool that saves time and attracts more clients

“Being able to monitor comments on dark posts and promoted posts has enabled our business to maintain and increase the number of community management clients,” Mace revealed. “Community management has become a substantial portion of our offered services and we estimate that Agorapulse saves over 15 hours of community management time a month.”

Facebook Ads Manager - manage Facebook dark post comments

Mace also points to Agorapulse’s ability to monitor keywords and hide inappropriate content as both a time saver and a great help for online reputation management. He also looks forward to the upcoming community management features that Agorapulse plans to release over the course of this year.

Want to learn more about how Agorapulse can help with your online community management?

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