Need some social media reports templates for your restaurant? Read on for our favorite places to get them.

Whether your restaurant relies on social media to show off specials, share news, or collect user-generated content (UGC), progress reports are essential. After all, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t.

But how can you make all that data easier to analyze?

Use these social media reports templates for restaurants and customize them to meet your goals.

Agorapulse Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

When you use Agorapulse for social media management, you can download a performance report with a couple clicks. Just select the data you want to include, export, and share with your team.

1. Social media report template

Track your profile’s brand awareness score and other standard social media metrics.

Agorapulse social media reports templates for restaurants

Canva Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

When you want to add analysis to your reports, Canva has smart options. You can make any of these templates your own by adding images, numbers, and logos.

2. Social media campaign analysis template

Monitor return on investment (ROI) for your restaurant’s social campaigns.

Canva social media report analysis

3. Social media campaign report template

Intersperse charts, graphs, and analysis for a comprehensive report.

Canva social media campaign template

Flipsnack Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

Whether you want a quick snapshot of your social media metrics or a longer analysis, Flipsnack has great options. Like Canva, Flipsnack lets you customize data, images, and branding.

4. Social media weekly marketing report template

Report on revenue, marketing spend, and other cost metrics.

Flipsnack weekly marketing report template

5. Monthly social media report template

Identify and report on local influencers for your restaurant.

Flipsnack monthly social media report template

Piktochart Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

Thanks to this platform’s infographic roots, Piktochart is great for condensing a lot of data into an easy-to-read format. Pick out the right template for your team and let your data shine.

Find out why teams love managing their social with Agorapulse.

6. Social media dashboard template

Track audience growth, leads, engagement, and much more with a dashboard.

Piktochart social media dashboard template

7. Quarterly social media report template

Monitor follower growth across channels to find what’s working.

Piktochart quarterly social media report template

Venngage Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

Whether you just need a few graphs to highlight metrics or you want to prepare a case study, Venngage has what you need. Find the right template for your restaurant and begin customizing.

8. Social media monthly report template

Show off great results from each of your restaurant’s social media profiles.

Venngage monthly report template

9. Social media campaign data template

Plan out a strategy for an upcoming campaign.

Venngage social media campaign template

10. Social media case study report template

Explain your approach and show off the results.

Venngage social media case study template

11. Social media marketing report template

Create a concise report with all major social media metrics.

Venngage social media marketing report template

Develop a trends report that delves into influencers and hashtags.

Venngage social media trends report template

Visme Social Media Reports Templates for Restaurants

From super-simple weekly charts to longer analyses, Visme has the templates your restaurant needs. Choose your preferred style and start reporting.

13. Simple social media report template

Use a simple template to call out social media highlights from the week.

Visme simple social media report template

14. Weekly social media report template

Make a weekly report to track ROI from table reservation campaigns.

Visme weekly social media report template

15. Social media annual report template

Show off the highlights from the year with an annual social media report.

Visme annual report template

With the right social media reports templates for restaurants, you can add a visual touch to your data. Choose the template that best matches your restaurant’s goals and customize it with your own data and branding.

Get started on saving time and energy on your own social media management! Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts.