Understanding the latest social trends and being able to compare your own performance against industry benchmarks can make a significant difference in your social media marketing strategy. That’s where Agorapulse’s new tool, Social Trends, comes into play.

Social Trends is a free social media analytics tool that provides data on social media performance across popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  It’s designed for marketers, community managers, and social media managers who want to stay updated on the latest in their industry.

Let’s take a look at how this powerful tool can help you create a data-driven strategy that will take your social media game to the next level.

Each month, Social Trends analyzes data from thousands of posts published through Agorapulse. This data represents the social media usage of professionals and how their audiences engage with their social media content.

By analyzing this data, Social Trends identifies the main trends in social community management, segmented by different regions and industries. All that data helps you stay informed about the conversations happening within your specific niche.

Comparing performance and setting benchmarks

One of the key advantages of Social Trends is its ability to compare your social media performance against industry benchmarks. By benchmarking your engagement, impressions, and other relevant social media metrics, you gain valuable insights into how your brand stacks up against competitors and industry peers. This feature enables you to identify areas of improvement and fine-tune your social media strategy for optimal results.

For example, if your posts’ impressions are dropping on X (formerly known as Twitter), Social Trends can help you determine if it’s a trend across Twitter, or if it’s specific to your account. By comparing your performance with the overall data, you can gain insights into whether it’s a broader trend or an issue specific to your social strategy.

Social Trends by Agorapulse

Did you notice a drop in your Twitter engagement over the past month? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Globally, there has been a decrease in engagement over the past month or so (‌possibly due to the new app Threads.)

Regional and industry insights

Understanding the preferences and trends within your target audience is vital for creating powerful content. Social Trends goes a step further by providing region-specific and industry-specific insights.

Whether you’re looking for insights on a specific geographical region, or operating in a niche industry, this tool helps you understand the unique social media trends and preferences that are driving engagement right now. Having access to this data can be particularly useful when entering a new market so you can create an effective go-to-market strategy.

social trends

Unveiling the hottest topics

Being aware of the latest topics and discussions within your industry is crucial for staying relevant and capturing your audience’s attention. Social Trends uncovers the hottest topics each month, giving you a finger on the pulse of your industry.

From emerging trends to buzzworthy subjects, this feature helps you identify what is being talked about around the world so you can create content that adds value, sparks conversations, and positions your brand as a trusted authority in the industry.

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Unleashing the power of hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of social media marketing, as they help increase visibility and expand your reach. Social Trends highlights the most-used hashtags on social media, providing you with insights into the popular trends and conversations happening across various platforms.

By incorporating these hashtags strategically into your content, you can enhance your discoverability and reach a larger audience.

social trends

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Remember, while Social Trends provides valuable insights, it’s also important to examine your own social media analytics and audience engagement to gain a more accurate picture of what content works best for your business.

And if you combine your own insights with the data from the Social Trends tool, you can improve your social media marketing strategy, boost engagement, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

If you want to take it one step further, why not check out a free demo of Agorapulse? See firsthand how our in-depth reporting and analytics can help you improve your social media strategy.