Tired of posting boring tweets? Ready to spice up your text with something vibrant?

Suffer no more. Twitter GIFs are here to save the day!

According to Hubspot, “[v]isual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.”

To improve your brand experience, add GIFs to your Twitter messaging. Here are five ways to get your team started:

1. Show Off Your Brand’s Personality

Social media centers around casual conversations amongst friends. Twitter users are sharing photos, rehashing memories, and just having a good time.

In other words: people are being people.

And for your company to stand out from the rest, your team must show off the brand’s personality. This will create a connection with your audience.

Courtney Seiter, Writer and Editor at Buffer, says “[GIFs are] a way to quickly transmit information or emotion to a population that’s inundated with content and favors image-based communication.”

A GIF is an effective way to build that bond amongst your followers through visuals. In the example below, Wistia, a video hosting company (that Agorapulse just happens to use), gives their fans a sneak peak into their upcoming conference.

Create a GIF highlighting your staff members during team-building games. Let your brand’s charisma shine through!

2. Promote Products & Services

Twitter makes it possible for businesses to spread brand awareness about their products and services. GIFs make the experience more enjoyable.

We’re in a modern age of social media management. And customers don’t like constant interruptions to listen to your sales pitch. Instead, they prefer to explore your brand on their on time.

Moreover, a 20-minute speech won’t make the cut. People desire short bursts of information.

GIFs enable brands to give customers quick content. Plus, there’s no hassle for the consumer to stick around after watching.

Michael Peggs, CEO of Marccx Media, states, “So many studies have shown that captivating imagery leads to better engagement. If you can interact with those images, even better. Branded GIFs are the perfect combination of content marketing and interactive communication.”

Sometimes, you need to differentiate your brand from the competition. Wendy’s made a GIF for that reason: Fresh, not frozen.

Develop a GIF that emphasizes your product’s benefits. Give people a reason to buy.

3. Celebrate A Special Occasion

It’s vital to remember that marketing isn’t all about your company. The main focus should be about the customer.

People celebrate a variety of holidays and occasions. And those special days are memorable. So, use GIFs to involve your business in the excitement.

From birthdays to festivals, consumers like giving a shout-out to important moments. We’ve even taken it to another level. There’s actually a National Pet Day, a National Beer Day, and a National Siblings Day.

Bud Light is taking advantage of the American election season. No matter what party affiliation you are, you can still party with their brand.

Pick a special day that will resonate with your consumers. Be mindful of different cultures if you choose religious days.

Celebrate with your followers. Staying engaged is the priority.

4. Educate The Customer

Just because your company sells hot dogs, doesn’t mean customers also know you make burgers, too.

It’s up to your team to not only educate the consumer about your business, but also teach them how to use your products.

When people are empowered with knowledge, they feel more comfortable to try new things or take small risks.

“As a marketer, you should always be considering different ways in which you can capture the attention of your audience through effective (and creative) use of calls-to-action. Animated GIFs might present the perfect opportunity for you to try something new,” says Maggie Georgieva, Product Manager at HubSpot.

With GIFs, you can show customers a cool feature. Learn from Samsung Mobile.

Demonstrate the awesomeness of your product. You may teach your customers something new.

5. Spread The Fun

Grab social media attention. And to achieve that, have some fun. As a result, you may go viral.

Ben Green, Director of Operations at Oktopost, writes, “While timing and content play an important role, images and animated GIFs can be used to stand out to receive more views and retweets, extending the life and reach of a Tweet.”

Your goal is to create an engaging experience for your customers. Make them laugh and smile. Those are the moments people will remember and feel encouraged to share content with others.

Here’s a cool example from Starbucks:

How can your team get people talking? Bring excitement to the Twitter conversation.

Start GIFing

It’s proven that visual content increases social shares. Whether it’s to promote a product or educate your customers, engage your followers with creative Twitter GIFs.

Build your brand. Create a better experience. Try GIFs.


How has your business used GIFs on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

5 Ways to Improve Your Brand Experience with Twitter GIFs. Remember that your tweets don't have to be just about text. Try incorporating GIFs in your Twitter content strategy.