Your podcast’s publishing and shared to all your channels. Think the job’s done? Not just yet! You’ll want to repurpose your podcast, too.

We recently talked to Erin Cell about how to promote one’s podcast. Now, read on to find out how you can repurpose the content, getting the most out of it, and spreading it far and wide online.

To get those tips, we interviewed Hani Mourra, a presenter at the upcoming Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition. Hani is a dad,hani mourra, ceo and founder softwarepreneur, and the creator of, an easy-to-use automation tool that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and content creators maximize their exposure without spending hours publishing to multiple platforms.

Let’s dive into his tips for repurposing a podcast.

1. Take note of the most memorable moments

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest challenge social media managers and marketers face in repurposing podcasts? How can it be overcome?

Hani: I see two big challenges here.

One is the time and effort it takes to convert audio to videos. There are many tools out there (including ours that automate this process with a click of a button.

The second challenge is choosing the short clips to share on social. (Many social platforms have a 1 to 2-minute video length restriction.)

One suggestion here is to start a stopwatch app. (We created one for free.)

Take note of the times when your guest says something impactful, interesting, or even funny during your recording session.

This will make your life (or your editor’s job) much easier.

Also, after getting the timestamps of the key takeaways, I highly suggest you add them as part of your podcast episode description when you upload your episode to your podcast host. Tools like will automatically detect these timestamps and make the clips for you, saving you a ton of time.

2. Create 5 clips of key takeaways in one podcast

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest mistake that social media managers make in repurposing content?

Hani: They only share one clip for each episode. I recommend you at least create five clips based on important key takeaways from the episode. This allows you to publish a video every day of the week keeping your podcast name in front of your audience’s feed.
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3. Grab a new audience

Agorapulse: What’s the purpose of repurposing content on Instagram?

Hani: Get your content in front of new audiences. Many people don’t really know how to listen to podcasts or which apps they need.

By posting video clips to social, your audience can consume content natively on the platform they hang out on already.

4. Schedule your repurposed content

Agorapulse: What’s the No. 1 tip from you to someone just starting to repurpose content on Instagram?

Hani: Schedule your content at the beginning of the week, so it drips out every day.

Consistency and quantity matter on social platforms like Instagram.

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5. Add special or funny moments to your scheduled content

Agorapulse: How can you prevent being boring or redundant when repurposing content on Instagram?

Hani: Creating different clips definitely helps. Also, scheduling the same content on different days is good.

For example, Clip 1 can go to Instagram on Monday, Twitter on Tuesday, Facebook on Wednesday, etc., this way people who follow you on different platforms are not seeing the same clip every day on different platforms.

Another tip is to make sure you choose special powerful or funny moments from your episode. (Funny is always good. Mix it up!)

6. Repurpose your content on Instagram

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest benefit of repurposing on Instagram as opposed to other social media platforms?

Hani: Bigger audience.

IGTV is also an advantage. You can upload up to 10 minutes, and it automatically shares to your Instagram feed a preview, so all your followers can watch it in their feeds.

7. Encourage engagement with podcast viewers

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about Instagram from when you started your career to today?

Hani: Engagement is key.

Always reply to everyone’s comments, and encourage them to take action by visiting your profile.

Add a link to your show there using a tool like Linktree.

Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition

Agorapulse’s Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition begins on Wednesday, Feb. 24. 2021, at 8:30 AM (Eastern time).

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Agorapulse: Why should someone attend your session?

Hani:I’m going to share HUGE time-saving tips on how to take your podcasts, live streams, and videos and automate clip generation, and also schedule content for the entire week in just a few minutes.

Agorapulse: What’s your tip for attending the summit?

Hani: The summit brings a lot of experts together. For each session, take one takeaway and execute it.

Agorapulse: What’s your Instagram tip for 2021?

Hani: Post daily and consistently by turning a single episode into at least 5 video clips and have them scheduled to IG and IGTV.

Get started on saving time and energy on your own social media management! Check out our free trial of Agorapulse to help you schedule, track, and measure all your social media efforts.

How to Repurpose Your Podcast Starting Right Now