What are your Instagram marketing challenges this year? Here’s a look at one of the biggest ones and ideas for overcoming it.

Ali Mirza is the CEO and founder of iSocialYou, a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. In the past 10 years, Ali has developed digital marketing solutions and growth hacking strategies for several megabrands, SMBs, startups, and agencies.

We recently talked to Ali about his upcoming session at Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition. It’s called “Instagram Marketing for 2021,” and we asked him to share some tips from it.
Instagram marketing challenge

A Decline in Organic Reach

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest challenge for Instagram Marketing in this new year?

Ali: The decline in organic reach has been a huge challenge for many small or new Instagram accounts.

I don’t think the organic reach is completely dead, but the strategies that used to work a few years ago are not relevant anymore.

We have to learn and adapt the new Instagram features to grow on the platform and make an impact.

For example, if you are not using Instagram Reels and Live Video in 2021, you could be missing out on a lot of organic reach.

Agorapulse: How does it differ from previous years?

Ali: The organic reach on Instagram has been in consistent decline for many years and, to be honest, it’s kind of expected.

Gone are the days when you could post two to three times a day with random hashtags and still see some growth on your Instagram account.

Now, there are more creators, more high-quality content, and posting for the sake of posting is not enough.

We have to learn and adapt the new feature (Guides, Reels, Live, etc.) in order to compete with other awesome creators.

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Agorapulse: What has you most excited about Instagram in this upcoming year?

Ali: I am excited about the evolution of Instagram Reels. We all know that this feature was inspired by TikTok, and I do believe Instagram has done a good job of rolling out Reels. Many creators have started creating original content using Reels.

Now, I would like to see more bells and whistles added to rules—especially for business owners.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Agorapulse: What’s your biggest tip for creating an Instagram marketing strategy?

Ali: Ask yourself these four simple questions to create a powerful Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. WHAT is your business about?
  2. WHO is your target audience? (Be specific.)
  3. WHERE does your audience hang out today?
  4. HOW to help and educate your audience, so you can make an impact in their lives and attract them to your brand

I will go into more details and cover all the steps during my presentation.

Agorapulse: Why do social media managers need an Instagram marketing strategy? (Why do they resist creating one?)

Ali: It’s easier to just go to a gym and start lifting weights without creating a custom strategy for your body type. Right?

Some people think they don’t have time to create a plan or strategy. Similarly, many social media managers just open the Instagram app and start posting pictures and videos randomly. They feel it’s easier to start “doing it” instead of thinking, planning, and creating a strategy.

But then they get stuck.

They don’t attract the right type of followers or they see less engagement and conversions on the platform.

It’s because they start performing actions without creating a solid strategy first.

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Avoid This Huge Mistake When You Create an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest mistake that gets made when creating an Instagram marketing strategy?

Ali: Most people don’t get specific enough when they identify their target audience. For example, it’s not enough to say my target audience is “moms on Instagram.”

Go deep on another level and identify what hashtags your audience is actively using and what other Instagram accounts they are following.

Agorapulse: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about Instagram from when you started your career to today?

Ali: The 80/20 rule. You only learn when you take action. You produce results when you take action.

Similarly, you can only grow on Instagram and generate business by taking action.

Learning from courses or watching videos is not enough. I try to spend 20% of my time learning something new and then 80% of my time taking action.

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Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition

Ali: Agorapulse’s Social Pulse Summit: Instagram Edition begins on Wednesday, Feb. 24. 2021, at 8:30 AM (Eastern time).

Ali’s session is called Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2021.

Instagram marketing challenge

Agorapulse: Why should someone attend your session?

Ali: You will learn how to create a solid Instagram marketing strategy for 2021. Without a good strategy, you could be spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. I’ll share a step-by-step process I use for myself and also for my clients.

Agorapulse: What’s your tip for attending the summit?

Ali: The best way to learn anything new is to get closer to people already doing what you want to do. This summit will allow you to learn from a lot of Instagram practitioners. Don’t forget the 80/20 rules and make sure you apply everything you learn from this summit.

Agorapulse: What’s your Instagram tip for 2021?

Ali: Embrace the Instagram Reels and start going live regularly.

For Instagram Reels, I would suggest creating value-based micro-content (15s and 30s) daily.

Instagram Reels are not just for dances or pranks. You can educate your audience in short videos and build a relationship with them.

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How to Tackle Instagram\'s Biggest Marketing Challenge and Create a Winning Strategy