YouTube Publishing and Image Resizer

In the midst of all that’s going on around us — including shifting our semi-remote company to a fully remote company, we here at Agorapulse continue to be 100% operational. And in these times, we’re more motivated than ever to help you manage your social media profiles with ease and confidence. This week, we released two exciting features on all of our plans. [...]

Shared Calendar for Easy Content Approval Collaboration

If you manage social media profiles for agency clients, how do you currently collaborate on social content? By sending spreadsheets back and forth? Emailing screenshots? We’ve come up with an affordable way to get your clients’ feedback within Agorapulse — but without giving clients access to your entire dashboard. Say hello to our shared calendars. Each [...]

Paid reach results and more sticker sizes (v8.87)

🐞FEATURES🐞 Insights on Facebook ad posts. Click on a published sponsored post in your publishing calendar or publishing list and find out how it’s doing with reach, click, and engagement. Insights on sponsored posts are synced and updated once daily (6pm EST/New York). More accurate display of stickers in inbox conversations. Users love to display stickers and [...]

New Free Tool for Employee Advocacy

In talking with customers, we learned that getting fellow coworkers to share company news on social channels is tough. Social media managers send tons of mass emails and Slack messages with “Please Share!” but these messages rarely get a return in terms of opens, clickthroughs, and shares. The results of these campaigns are also incredibly [...]

Reply to Facebook Mentions and Threaded Discussions on Instagram Ads (v.8.85)

🎁FEATURES🎁 Reply to Facebook mentions of your Business Page. Like before, your Listening tab will display a chronological list of public posts where your Page has been mentioned. But now you can keep the conversation going directly in Agorapulse. Reply — perhaps by using one of your saved replies. When you reply to a post [...]

Calendar and Scheduled Post Enhancements (v8.81)

🎁FEATURES🎁 This release’s improvements will help maximize your productivity in publishing with Agorapulse. Bulk actions in publishing list views. Save more time than ever by applying bulk actions to several pieces of content at once. You can bulk: label selected items assign selected items approve selected items (only available in “To approve” and “Assigned to me” [...]

New Free Tool for Facebook Ads Reporting

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of AdsReport, a new, free tool that enables you to quickly view the most important analytics of your Facebook ads. Yes — this means no more sorting through endless Ads Manager columns! Our clear, simple interface allows you to instantly get real-time insights into the key metrics and overall health [...]

Instagram Carousel Publishing

🎁🎁NEW FEATURE ALERT🎁🎁 Publish an Instagram post with multiple images. You can now publish Instagram carousel posts through Agorapulse push notifications. Upload your images—either by dragging and dropping or browsing your computer–just like you usually add images for posts on other social media networks. Select the person who should receive the push notification on their mobile [...]

Two New Timesaving Features (v8.74)

🎁FEATURES🎁 Saved replies filter. We’ve made it easier for you to find the saved replies you created on a given social profile. This filter is especially useful and time-saving if you use Agorapulse with teammates who have also created saved replies for the same profile. Unlike this feature on most other social media management tools, our [...]

Unified Calendar, Twitter Sync Updates (v8.60)

🎁FEATURES🎁 Unified calendar. In the first of several unified features we will roll out over the next year, we now offer a unified calendar on Large plans +. (Medium users will use the calendar that they already have). To customize your unified publishing calendar, select multiple profiles on the left and view all their posts for [...]