New Free Tool for Facebook Ads Reporting

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of AdsReport, a new, free tool that enables you to quickly view the most important analytics of your Facebook ads. Yes — this means no more sorting through endless Ads Manager columns! Our clear, simple interface allows you to instantly get real-time insights into the key metrics and overall health [...]

Instagram Carousel Publishing

🎁🎁NEW FEATURE ALERT🎁🎁 Publish an Instagram post with multiple images. You can now publish Instagram carousel posts through Agorapulse push notifications. Upload your images—either by dragging and dropping or browsing your computer–just like you usually add images for posts on other social media networks. Select the person who should receive the push notification on their mobile [...]

Two New Timesaving Features (v8.74)

🎁FEATURES🎁 Saved replies filter. We’ve made it easier for you to find the saved replies you created on a given social profile. This filter is especially useful and time-saving if you use Agorapulse with teammates who have also created saved replies for the same profile. Unlike this feature on most other social media management tools, our [...]

Unified Calendar, Twitter Sync Updates (v8.60)

🎁FEATURES🎁 Unified calendar. In the first of several unified features we will roll out over the next year, we now offer a unified calendar on Large plans +. (Medium users will use the calendar that they already have). To customize your unified publishing calendar, select multiple profiles on the left and view all their posts for [...]

Easier Collaboration Options (v.8.57)

🎁FEATURES🎁 See your team’s activity live. Real-time collaboration is available on our newest interface. Find out who’s viewing inbox items and who’s taking care of replies. If you used this feature on our old interface, you’ll be glad this feature has returned. Add extra users to your subscription in less time. If you’re an owner or a manager [...]

Improved In-App Messages, Twitter Sync Changes (v8.53)

🎁FEATURES🎁 1. New message for moderation rules error. If an Inbox Assistant rule cannot be applied because of a Facebook API issue, we display a message to tell you. 2. Feedback message when approving a draft / assigned publishing item. You’ll see a green confirmation message (“This post has been approved for publishing”) when a post is [...]

New Navigation Improvements (v 8.48)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 The response to the beta navigation changes has been overwhelmingly positive. Your feedback has encouraged us to make several tweaks to improve your experience with this new navigation. 1. More readable social profiles menu. To improve the readability of the social profile names, we removed thumbnail icons for groups. Groups are listed solely with their [...]

LinkedIn Live Comments, Calendar Improvements (v 8.46)

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 1. Synchronized comments for LinkedIn Live videos.You’ll find synchronized comments on your LinkedIn profile’s live videos (live broadcasting) in the Inbox alongside comments on your other LinkedIn posts. 2. New preview of published Instagram posts. To more clearly view your published multi-image posts, we display them in a carousel, click-through mode. (Note: We do not yet support [...]

New Navigation, Instagram Video Updates

🎁 FEATURES 🎁 1. New left navigation and side panel. We’ve changed the navigation throughout the app to get ready for upcoming big changes that users have requested. The navigation is in beta, and the response has been amazing. Here is a brief rundown of the changes if you’d like to try them early. The main features of [...]

Instagram Story Reports and Revamped Calendar (v8.35)

🎁 FEATURES🎁 New metrics on Instagram reports (including Stories). We’ve added metrics to our Instagram Web and downloadable reports—including impressions and statistics for Stories— that customers have been asking for. You now have three tabs for Instagram reports: Global, Posts, and Stories. Let’s learn what’s new in each of these tabs — one of which is completely [...]