Update: LinkedIn Live Comments, Calendar Improvements (v 8.46)


1. Synchronized comments for LinkedIn Live videos.You’ll find synchronized comments on your LinkedIn profile’s live videos (live broadcasting) in the Inbox alongside comments on your other LinkedIn posts.

2. New preview of published Instagram posts. To more clearly view your published multi-image posts, we display them in a carousel, click-through mode.

(Note: We do not yet support carousel publishing.

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Update: New Navigation, Instagram Video Updates


1. New left navigation and side panel. We’ve changed the navigation throughout the app to get ready for upcoming big changes that users have requested.

The navigation is in beta, and the response has been amazing. Here is a brief rundown of the changes if you’d like to try them early.

The main features of the app are now on the left navigation bar.

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Update: Instagram Story Reports and Revamped Calendar (v8.35)


New metrics on Instagram reports (including Stories). We’ve added metrics to our Instagram Web and downloadable reports—including impressions and statistics for Stories— that customers have been asking for.

You now have three tabs for Instagram reports: Global, Posts, and Stories. Let’s learn what’s new in each of these tabs — one of which is completely brand new.

In our Global tab, we’ve added impressions to the overview metrics (A).

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Update: Update: Facebook Reactions Display and LinkedIn Comment Mentions (v8.30)


Display of each Facebook reaction on comments and posts. We now display the breakdown of Facebook reactions received on posts and comments. (Prior to this, we only listed “Likes.”) A great way to determine sentiment on each of your Facebook posts.

Please note: This is a read-only feature. At this time, you cannot use Agorapulse to give a Facebook reaction other than “Like” on a comment or post.

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Update: LinkedIn Targeting and Publishing Calendar Options (v8.24)


➡LinkedIn targeting. Use language and country targeting on your next LinkedIn company page post to focus on a specific audience.

➡ LinkedIn tagging of personal profile usernames. Your company pages or personal profiles can now tag the usernames of personal profiles.

You can use this feature on LinkedIn if the user you want to tag has:

  • previously left a comment on your LinkedIn page AND
  • enabled the “Mentions or tags by others” setting in his/her privacy settings natively on LinkedIn (see below)

➡ Immediately post a queued or scheduled post. 

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Update: Saved Hashtag Groups and Post Geolocation (v8.20)


Saved hashtag groups. With saved hashtag groups, you can easily save and reuse popular hashtags for your social media posts.

Saved hashtag groups are shared across all profiles in your Organization, so they can be used on any social media network. These saved hashtags can be used, edited and/or deleted by any user in the Organization (except those with a Guest profile role).

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Update: More LinkedIn and Instagram Publishing Options (v8.18)


LinkedIn multiple photo publishing. You can now publish up to 10 photos per post to your LinkedIn profile or customer page. A few qualifications to be mindful of:

  1. Each image must be either a .PNG or .JPG
  2. Each image must be under 5MB
  3. The ideal aspect ratio is 1200 x 627

Go here to get more details on the aspect ratio of your images.

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Update: Instagram User Tagging and More Subscription Flexibility (v8.13)


Instagram user tagging. It is now possible to tag users in your Instagram image posts! Once you upload your photo, simply click on the image and type the usernames of the public profiles you want to tag. You may tag up to 20 users per post.


Three things to keep in mind when using this feature.

  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter,
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Update: Instagram Video Publishing and Easier to Use Settings (v8.9)


Instagram video publishing. You can now publish, schedule, or queue video to your Instagram feed through Agorapulse. The feature is available only if you have direct publishing enabled — so double check your settings to see if you’re set up properly.

Once you’re set with direct publishing enabled, be sure that your videos are:

    1. in either .MOV or .MP4 format
    2. no less than 3 seconds and no more than 60 seconds in duration
    3. Have an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 16:9

(Those are the restrictions placed by the Instagram API.) Then you’re ready to roll!

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Update: Instagram Management and Subscription Organization Changes (v8.0)


Instagram API Deprecation. Instagram now requires all third-party tools (like Agorapulse) to use the Facebook Graph API instead of the old, now deprecated Instagram API. Here’s what it means to you and your Agorapulse subscription:

1. Agorapulse supports only Instagram business profiles. The platform no longer supports Instagram personal profiles. Not only can no new Instagram personal profiles be added to your Agorapulse subscription,

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Update: Schedule Instagram Stories, Native LinkedIn Video, and More (v7.75)


Ability to publish or schedule Instagram Stories. Want to publish Instagram Stories using Agorapulse? Now you can! Here’s how to do this on your business profiles.

First, make sure you’ve installed the Agorapulse mobile app on either your iOS or Android device.

Then, go to the settings for your business profile on the desktop version of Agorapulse. Business profiles by default are set to direct publishing.

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Update: A Change of View(s) (v7.70)

This release improves the way you see your inbox, listening, and publishing content.



Choose your date/time format. Make your publishing calendar work best for you. You can now choose either:

  • Sunday or Monday to start your week
  • 12-hour or 24-hour to indicate the time
  • mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy to indicate the date

Whatever you choose in your settings is individual to you and your style.

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Update: All about Names and People Who Call You Names (v7.60)

This release has features that will help you more easily name queue categories. You’ll also gain greater insight into your publishing calendar and published items. Let’s dig in.


Easier queue category management and naming. Our new queue category drop down gives you great options for better category management. You can now:

  • Set any queue category as “Default.”
  • Rename any category (including the default category)
  • Delete any category (including the default category)

Queue category exports. 

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Update: A Calendar to Top All Calendars (v.7.56)

We’ve spent this past year building out our publishing capabilities — from queue categories to Facebook Groups publishing. Then we thought, why not also improve the tabs that give you insight into all that you publish with Agorapulse? With that, we’ve improved the interface and experience of your publishing calendar and queue categories.


Publishing calendar improvements. We’ve made our publishing calendar even easier to use. The colors more clearly tell you what content is scheduled,

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Update: I Can Do WHAT on LinkedIn? (v.7.49)

Just when you thought you had enough to manage your LinkedIn pages and profiles on Agorapulse, we’ve added even MORE functionality.


Downloadable LinkedIn reports. If you manage a company page on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to get a one-click, downloadable PowerPoint deck of your page’s stats.

User tagging in LinkedIn inbox comments. You can now @mention someone who leaves a comment on one of your posts.

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Update: Facebook Groups Publishing Right in Your Dashboard (v.7.47)

Happy October! An exciting week here at Agorapulse as we are pleased to launch a feature that has been our wishlist for a long time. (Might it have been on your wishlist too?)



Facebook Groups Publishing. All the great publishing and scheduling features you know and love for your Facebook page can now be applied to Facebook groups.

Take advantage of the great features you’re used to with Facebook Pages —

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Update: The Ins and Outs of Instagram Management (v.733)

This latest release has a super heavy focus on Instagram. There’s something in this release for users with Instagram business profiles, Instagram personal profiles — and even those who don’t have ANY Instagram profiles linked to Agorapulse.


If you manage your Instagram presence with Agorapulse, chances are it’s with a business profile. As you might already know, there are several advantages to using an Instagram business profile. And as your social media management tool,

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Update: Say Hello to My Little Friend: Our Moderation Rules (v.7.32)

Are you a big fan of digital assistants like Siri or Alexa? We are too. That’s why we created Moderation Rules for Agorapulse. Simply set up commands (or “rules”) and let the rules work wonders on items in your inbox. With these rules, you can wake up to a spam-free inbox — imagine that?


Simpler creation of new rules. We’ve improved the interface of moderation rules to be easier to build new rules.

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Update: Even More UX Improvements for Your SMM Pleasure (v 7.27)

In addition to writing the public Release Notes for you, I also am the person who responds to all the Agorapulse reviews on sites like TrustRadius. Lately, we’ve gotten tons of great feedback there on our user interface and user experience. (Have a peek to see for yourself.)

We could rest on our laurels and simply nod at these nice reviews. But instead, we’re hard at work to make our tool even easier to manage your social profiles.

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Update: Amazing LinkedIn Images and Other Visual Delights (v. 7.26)

In last week’s Release Note, I squeed about our new LinkedIn reports and inbox. These features were in addition to our existing LinkedIn publishing capabilities.

But we didn’t want publishing to feel like it wasn’t getting special treatment just because it’s been around the block for a while. So we gave it a tiny-yet-massive improvement.

We also made some enhancements to make your publishing on Agorapulse even easier to manage.

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Update: For Busy LinkedIn Managers and Other Great Marketers (v.7.24)

One feature that our customers love is the ability to run unlimited reports. Until this week, we offered it for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But now — B2B marketers rejoice —  we offer reports for LinkedIn! This is just one “SCORE!” of our LinkedIn hat trick this week.


LinkedIn Reports. Yes, I said it! We offer reports for your company pages.

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Update: Improve Your Social Ads ROI (v7.21)

If you monitor your Facebook and Instagram ads comments using Agorapulse, get ready — we have some new options to make your ads comments management even easier.


Multiple ad accounts for each Facebook and Instagram profile. We’re delighted to launch another highly requested feature: the ability to link more than one ad account to each of your Facebook and Instagram profiles. As you might know, we offer the ability to monitor Facebook ad comments and Instagram ad comments 

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Update: Squashing Bugs Like Nobody’s Business (v. 7.15)

Man, I wish it could be Christmas every week — whereby I’m able to offer you a great new feature or improved usability of a particular function on Agorapulse.

This is just not one of those weeks.

That’s not to say that we’re away from our desks. Our dev and QA team have been rather busy squashing bugs to improve the performance of what you do each day on our li’l social media marketing tool.

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Update: Yes, We’re Talking About You (v. 7.12)

Now it’s even easier to use Agorapulse for teams and to tag public Pages on Facebook — read on to learn more.


  • Internal notes to Twitter DM & Facebook PM conversations. What a cool feature for teams! Now you can add an internal note in private conversation on Facebook or Twitter. This enables team members to give status updates to each other. If you’d like to bring something to the attention of a particular team member,
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Update: Do I Spy a Bitly Link? (v7.10)

This release has some great improvements for serious social media managers. Wanna learn more?


Expanded bit.ly integration. We’ve had bitly integration with Twitter for some time. However, we felt it was time to also offer it for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Haven’t linked your bitly account yet? Simply go into the Publishing settings of the profile you want to link, press the orange button,

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Update: Facebook Tagging is Back! v 7.6

Little by little, Facebook is letting tools like ours offer features we previously were able to offer you (and then weren’t). We’re so happy to see this trend and we hope you are too!


Tagging other pages in your Facebook page posts. It’s back, y’all! Give props to other Facebook pages by typing the @ sign followed by the exact name of the page you want to tag.

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Update: Email Login and other Goodies (aka Release Note v7 June 20, 2018)

Ah, adding an email login. It seems so easy to implement — when you’re not a tech person. The process to offer this option proved to be unbelievably complex. But it was nothing that our nimble, dedicated development team couldn’t handle. Please enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Email Login Option

For those who prefer not to use Facebook Login to gain access to everything under the sun,

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Update: Release v6.210: May 16, 2018


View images for Facebook visitor and brand mentions.

  • For visitor posts on your Page (synced in your Inbox) and public posts mentioning your Page (in Listening), you can now view the image larger than a thumbnail (max dimensions 720x720px).

Retrieve a list of your banned users on YouTube.

  • On your Fans & Followers tab, you can now see a list of the YouTube users you’ve banned.
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