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Written by Richard Beeson

Last modified September 19, 2019 at 9:18 am

How Social Customer Service Begins- Never Miss a Question on Your Facebook Page

Facebook business page tips for content moderationSpeedy Gonzalez couldn’t answer a customer’s question faster than a good community manager.


There’s no secret trick to quick social customer service.  You just need the right tools.


Based on our years of experience, we’ve put together some Facebook page management tips on the must have features to look for while you’re out shopping:


Automated tagging

Here’s how it works.  Your app provider should allow you to create an automated moderation rule with specific keywords (How, What, Why, When, Where) then choose between multiple triggers such as Tag or Assign.


Facebook business page tips automatic moderation rule

Automated moderation tools empower you to accomplish more while saving time and money


Once the rule is in place, any piece of content containing one or more of these magical words gets tagged automatically for super fast reference and easy organization.

If your app provider provides custom admin workflow tools, and you know they should, the triggered piece of content will automatically be assigned to the right person.  Which brings me to…


Email Notifications

Your app provider’s email notifications should be triggered by each rule and each piece of content assigned to you, so when a question appears on your page you’ll know immediately.


Timeline Search Feature

‘nuff said

One Last Tip

Most apps offering automated moderation rules also provide a ‘hide’ trigger.  Use this feature in conjunction with ‘tag’ and ‘assign’ so questions appear on your page as they are answered.

Now don’t you look awesome?

Click here to see more of Agorapulse’s moderation features.

Click here for RazorSocial’s guide to Social Media Marketing Tools.

Your turn- What’s the best question your page has received?  How’s the shopping going?




Richard Beeson

Richard is a Client Happiness Jedi for Agorapulse, based out of San Francisco and Paris, advising agencies and brands across the globe on Facebook page management and marketing. He sings Bachata in the shower and dances salsa 3x a week whether he needs it or not.

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