Are you getting the most out of your Facebook Ads? Looking for effective ways to optimize your Facebook ads and generate more leads and conversions?

Facebook continues to be the biggest social network in the world, reaching people worldwide and from all walks of life–which makes it a very attractive advertising platform for businesses of all sizes, especially those who target a global audience.

Setting up a Facebook ad is super-easy in theory. However, in practice, you need to go that extra step to get the best possible return on your investment and generate as many leads and conversions as possible.

So, in this article, I’m sharing highly-effective tips and tactics to help you generate more leads and conversions from your Facebook ads.

1. Leverage Retargeting to Convert more people and spend less

Facebook Retargeting is an extremely powerful tool for businesses and marketers. Basically, it means that you can target a highly specific audience: people who have already visited your website and interacted with your business.

The reason why this simple strategy is so much more effective than regular targeting is that you’re targeting people much more likely to convert because they are already familiar with your brand. They could be in the consideration stage.

Therefore, showing them such a targeted ad can lead to a much higher return for your ad spend.

Social media managers can even take things one step further and target specific segments of your website visitors with highly personalized ads based on the actions they took while on your website.

One of the easiest ways to do this is using a tool like Oribi—a web analytics tool built for businesses of all sizes. It can automatically track events happening on your site–in other words, specific conversions that occur. Even better than that, it allows social media managers to export those events directly and automatically into your Facebook (which means you don’t need to know how to code to set up a retargeting campaign):

optimize your facebook ads

This is super-easy to do once you’ve set Oribi. Simply connect your Facebook account, go to your Events, select the ones you want to export, and from there, it’s a very quick and straightforward process that takes a few minutes.

Who to retarget

Some ideas of the types of events you should export for more effective retargeting are:

  • People who dropped off the funnel just before converting
  • Any visitors who performed an event directly correlated with conversions and sales
  • Website visitors who match your ideal lead profile
  • Any people who have started your funnel but didn’t go through with it for any reason

Those visitors were already considering buying from you. That means that your ad campaign will also have a higher chance of converting.

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2. Perform some competitive research on Facebook Ads

How are your competitors using Facebook Ads? What types of ads are they running and how successful are they? How many people interact with their ads?

And have you ever looked at your competitor’s online advertising strategy?

This information is extremely valuable for businesses of all types because it helps show them:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t work
  • What types of ads perform best for their target audience
  • What wording to use

And so on …

However, it’s important to use this information to improve your campaigns. Don’t copy from your competitors—that has a big chance of backfiring on you.

Rather, it’s a case of better understanding your audience and what types of ads they respond to, so you can create even better ads than your competitors.

To do so, Facebook itself has introduced a very useful resource—the Facebook Ad Library:

ad library

In short, it’s a library of all the ads being run on the platform–its way of ensuring advertising transparency.optimize your facebook ads

To get started with it, simply select your category and then search for your keywords; then, choose the business or Page you’d like to look into to see the ads they’ve been running:

optimize your facebook ads

3. Test and track your Facebook Ads data consistently

Another very important element in your ads is, of course, your creative: the wording you use, the call to action you use, the visuals, etc. It all counts toward the success of your advertising campaigns.

And sometimes, even when it seems like you’re following all the best tips and best practices for your ad creative, it’s still not working as you expect it to.

That’s why it’s always a great practice to test different ad creatives at the same time and not only increase your results but also learn more about what types of ads your audience responds to the most.

You can use a tool like Canva to easily create and experiment with different ads, using its templates:

facebook ad template

Another big part of this is, of course, tracking your advertising data. Which ads perform best? Which creatives get the most engagement? The most clicks and traffic?

Plus, there’s even a free Google tool that can help you track your Facebook Ads: Google Data Studio.optimize your facebook ads

Even better, you can connect as many data sources as you need so that you can keep track of all your data from one place.

Free AdsReports tool

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4. Leverage your customers in your Facebook Ads

People tend to trust other people more … definitely more than they do brands.

So, why not leverage your customers for your ad campaigns? In fact, there are multiple ways that you can leverage happy and engaged customers, such as:

  • Use customer testimonials and reviews in your ads. Use testimonials and reviews to show your potential audience why other people love your company and your product and why they should choose you.
  • Showcase a happy customer in a campaign. You can even take things one step further and center an entire advertising campaign on a happy customer, turning them into your brand ambassadors.
  • Ask for and use user-generated-content in your Facebook Ads. Another way to leverage your customers is to ask them for user-generated content–and use it in your ads as social proof. For example, your customers using your products and/or the results they achieved after using it.

Leveraging customers can have a highly positive impact on your advertising results. As mentioned earlier, people trust regular people more than brands, and this strategy allows you to use that to your advantage.

facebook ads for lead gen

Brush Up on Facebook Basics

If after reading this, you need a refresher on all things Facebook Ads, check out this Social Pulse Weekly show recording at your leisure on the basics of Facebook advertising:


Facebook Advertising can be an amazingly efficient promotional tool for your business. However, it’s not enough to just create a nice image and put in some money. Doing the bare minimum won’t get you the amazing results that you were hoping for.

Facebook Ads have become extremely competitive. If you want to be as successful as possible, you need to try more: from perfecting your targeting and your ad creatives to carefully tracking your results and optimizing them.

* * *

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Four Tips for Getting More Leads and Conversions From Your Facebook Ads