Has your social media agency avoided Twitter? After all, it can be chaotic. But seasoned social media managers know how to stand out with different types of content. Check out these tips to decide what to tweet.

Twitter marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing.

It is also one of the most controversial ones.

Do you love Twitter for marketing? Do you know how to generate high-converting traffic from Twitter? (I belong to this group of Twitter marketers.)

Or are you one of those who think Twitter is just for fun and clutter and it is a waste of marketing budgets?

Then you are probably doing it wrong.

The truth is Twitter marketing takes time, creativity, and patience.

I haven’t had much success with Twitter ads (although I am getting better at that),  but I definitely love Twitter for its organic potential.

In fact, Twitter is one of the few social media platforms in which you can still build traffic and leads without investing in advertising.

The first step is creating an effective Twitter posting and content-sharing strategy, and don’t forget to save time with thoughtful automated responses.

Here are some tips for when you wonder what to tweet.

1. Create In-Depth Content Using Twitter Threads

Those social media managers who dislike Twitter for its character limit will love this tip: You can actually share long-form content by using Twitter threads.

One of the recent examples of this comes from @RyanMcCready1 who shared this case study on Twitter, which earned him quite a few engagements and recognition:

twitter thread what to tweet

Twitter threads in action: This is an actual article broken into tweets

To create a Twitter thread, use “Add another tweet” option.

You can add as many tweets within one thread as you want:

create twitter thread when you decide what to tweet

Tie many tweets together by creating a Twitter thread

Twitter threads work well for thought leadership content, allowing you to establish your brand as a knowledge graph.

Use Twitter threads to share case studies, tutorials, and analysis of recent reports or trends.

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2. Create a Memorable Context for Your Brand

Consistency is key on Twitter.

If you develop your own recognizable voice on Twitter, your brand will be able to build a tight and loyal community as well as create highly cited content.

More importantly, via consistent tweeting style, you will be able to build powerful associations that would make your brand memorable.

My favorite example here is @MoonPie, which has developed a unique voice by inserting the brand into conversations related to space, trends, or current events.

what to tweet: an example from MoonPie

MoonPie’s tweets have unique style

In fact, the company’s Twitter feed is hard to quit: It makes both a captivating and interesting read. Notice how uniquely MoonPie comment on recent news (especially regarding space) and how creatively they celebrate holidays—all within its well-recognized “comic and cosmic” style.

This “Out of this World” strategy calls back to the name “Moon Pie” and opens up a universe of possibilities.

It creates a deep connection with the brand’s audiences through shared interests, humor, and an unexpected voice.

The brand’s positioning has also allowed it to “own space,” which was seen most prominently during the 2017 eclipse where its clapback of Hostess Snacks garnered national press attention and notoriety:

what to tweet

Thanks to Twitter marketing, Moon Pie has built a powerful association with space that accounted for the success of this tweet.

3. Answer Questions

This one takes time, but it can generate highly effective clicks, leads, and even brand ambassadors.

Monitor your target keywords carefully on Twitter and jump in regularly to provide help, advice, and directions.

Agorapulse offers a nice social listening feature that can help set up and streamline this process:

social listening

Use social listening to monitor niche discussions and questions

That is one of my favorite tactics to build high-converting traffic. Using long-tail keyword research is a great way to discover questions to tweet.

Here’s an example of a tweet that came as a result of Twitter question monitoring (and brought an engaged click, too):

what to tweet

Direct people to your site by being helpful.

This strategy brings more to the table than clicks. It allows you to better understand your target audience’s struggles and discover good on-site content ideas.

Using Agorapulse, you can assign certain tweeted questions to your content team to cover in their newly created assets.

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4. Use Seasonality to Help Decide What to Tweet

Seasonality is another great Twitter marketing tool that can skyrocket your engagement metrics.

Seasonality-based Twitter strategy:

Here’s a neat example from the above-mentioned Twitter account that used humor to welcome its seasonal product line:

what to tweet

To get some help in brainstorming, use Text Optimizer to spot interesting associations with seasonal trends and holidays to use in your Twitter content:

an example of what to tweet from text optimizer

Text Optimizer identified these strong associations with “Thanksgiving”. Use these to create Twitter content as well as to come up with popular hashtags

For even more inspiration, check out “trending search” from Unsplash.

That section will give you a solid insight into what Unsplash users have been searching for over the last 30 days. Turn some of these into seasonal content as well as Twitter hashtags!

what to tweet? ideas from trending searches

“Trending search” from Unsplash

When timed well, Twitter content focusing on recent trends or upcoming holidays will generate both retweets and clicks.

InVideo’s online video creator offers a ton of seasonal templates for you to easily create timely content for all your social media channels:

video maker

If you follow seasonality yearly, you will always be able to reuse your content the following year.

The seasonality-based strategy will work even better if you include influencers.

5. Monitor and Learn From Your Successful Updates

As you experiment with Twitter content and formats, you will find some of your tweets performing better than the others. By all means, do learn your own Twitter marketing lessons and discover what to tweet specifically for your audience.

There are quite a few Twitter analytics options, including Agorapulse that provides a close look into how your content is performing:

best-performing tweets to help you decide what to tweet

Identify your best performing tweets with Agorapulse reports

Agorapulse allows you to set your own date range to go back weeks and months back to analyze your Twitter content.

You can then sort the data by the number of overall engagements to identify best-performing tweets.

Do that one regularly and identify common rules and patterns that accounted for that particular content success. Can you turn that lesson into a strategy to amplify that success?

Another useful metric to track is the actual traffic you are getting from Twitter. Finteza provides an indepth report on traffic sources and how those site users are interacting your sales funnel:

finteza twitter traffic


There’s much more to Twitter marketing than the 280-character limit. It’s all about creativity and experimentation.

If you come up with your own style and commit to it, you will likely discover that Twitter is the most effective of your marketing channels.

After all, Twitter is the most open and flexible platform, and that’s why I admire it so much.

* * *

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What to Tweet: Content Tips for Experienced Social Media Managers