Thinking about investing in a social media management tool but not sure which one to choose?

In this article, I’ll take you through a direct comparison of two popular social media management platforms: Agorapulse vs Falcon.

We’ll compare the product features, ease of use, and the level of support that each tool offers, to help you decide which one is best.

The comparison will be based on user reviews from G2, one of the largest and most trusted review sites in the world.


If you’re short of time, these main takeaways can help you get the gist of the Agorapulse vs Falcon comparison:

  • According to 1,540 G2 reviewers, Agorapulse is the best social media management tool for helping you to complete your time-consuming, day-to-day tasks (Agorapulse: 8.9 vs Falcon: 8.1).
  • Agorapulse is better than Falcon for its reporting, dashboards, and analytical features. Agorapulse scored 8.7 in G2, and Falcon scored 7.7.
  • People prefer Agorapulse to Falcon for its team collaboration features. G2 reviewers gave Agorapulse 8.9 and Falcon only 8.0.
  • Agorapulse is the easiest platform to set up and use, getting a G2 score of 9.1 in comparison to Falcon, which scored just 8.3.

Choose Agorapulse if you want a high level of support when using your social media management tool. G2 reviewers scored Agorapulse 9.2 vs Falcon, which they scored just 8.8.

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Key Facts

Before we start, here are some introductory facts about each social media management platform:


Agorapulse is a social media management tool for businesses and agencies:

  • It launched in 2012 and has grown into a team of 150+ people across multiple locations.
  • It landed more than $18.6 million in funding.
  • Agorapulse is used by over 31,000 marketers across the world.


Falcon is a social media management tool for businesses and agencies:

  • It launched in 2010 and has a team comprised of over 40 nationalities.
  • It’s used by around 150 marketers, mostly from the computer software industry in the United States.
  • It has offices in New York, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia, Melbourne, and Chennai.

What Do You Need From a Social Media Management Tool?

Deciding which social media management tool to choose is tough. With so many similar tools to choose from, how do you pick the right one?

Ultimately, when searching for the perfect social media management tool, you want something that will make your job easier and save you time so that you can focus on the bigger, better tasks that will bring in a higher ROI.

Therefore, investing in a tool that excels in each of the following areas would be ideal.

A social media management tool that …

  • Makes everyday tasks like creating, scheduling, and publishing social media content and interacting with your audience, quick and easy, leaving you free to focus on the fun stuff
  • Measures, tracks, and reports on social media performance and the ROI from your social media activities, so you can prove results and secure a bigger social media budget
  • Makes collaboration with internal colleagues and external stakeholders easy, so you can build relationships and work efficiently as a team
  • Has an intuitive interface that’s easy to use and simple to set up, letting you get up and running straight away, and get the most out of all the features
  • Offers reliable, high-quality support, so you can rest easy, knowing that if you have any issues, you can get them resolved quickly

Let’s get into the review and see how Falcon and Agorapulse compare in regards to the above list of social media management tool requirements.

conquer social media inbox with agorapulse header image

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which Social Media Management Tool Will Help Me With My Everyday Tasks?

You need your social media management tool to take care of your day-to-day tasks. Those tasks that take you the longest time to complete but often give you the lowest ROI.

Tasks like these, for instance:

  • Creating and publishing posts
  • Scheduling content
  • Responding to messages and interacting with your audience

Therefore, a social media management tool with the following features is a must for helping you complete your daily task list:

Both Falcon and Agorapulse have these three key features, but which tool does them best?

Which Social Media Management Tool Has the Best Creating, Publishing, and Scheduling Capability?

You need to create, publish, schedule, and bulk schedule posts across multiple social networks with your social media management tool.

Both Agorapulse and Falcon connect to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Agorapulse and Falcon allow you to draft, preview, publish, and schedule posts for all these networks. And both have storage for visual media, so you can upload images and videos and store them in the cloud.

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

Falcon offers an Instagram Grid Builder, which shows you what your next Instagram post will look like on your grid. This is a handy feature, but as I can already preview posts on both Falcon and Agorapulse, this isn’t a deal-breaker for me. (Plus, I heard Agorapulse is releasing its own Instagram Grid Builder feature soon.)

Agorapulse allows you to draft, preview, publish, and schedule content for Google Business as well as all of the other standard platforms.

It’s much easier to create, schedule, and publish content using Agorapulse. The process of selecting your visuals, hashtags, and tags, is an incredibly easy, intuitive process.

agorapulse posting view

If you’ve pre-planned your content ahead of time, you have the option to connect RSS feeds, so there’s never a quiet moment on your social media accounts again.

bulk scheduling in agorapulse

For me, Agorapulse is the winner in regard to its creating, publishing, and scheduling features. And the G2 reviewers feel the same: Agorapulse scored 8.7 for its publishing features and Falcon only scored 8.3.

agorapulse vs falcon comparison of social publishing

Which Social Media Management Tool Has the Best Content Calendar?

Both Falcon and Agorapulse have a content calendar that gives you a bird’s eye overview of all your upcoming content, while also letting you dig into the detail of the content you’re posting. Both calendars can be shared externally, and both let you view your content by week or by month.

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

Falcon’s calendar is color-coded depending on whether the post has been categorized as Published, Scheduled, or Publishing Error. That makes it easy to see where all your content is.

Agorapulse’s calendar can also be filtered to make it easy to see what’s going on with your content. You can use the pre-set filters such as Scheduled, Queued, Sent, Failed, and Assigned, or you can also create your own labels to help you see where your content is and what needs to be done to it next.

Plus, with Agorapulse, you can also filter the calendar to show which posts include text, video, or images. This is really helpful for keeping track of the types of content you’re posting. Also, you can manage your draft content and calendar notes from the calendar view, too.

agorapulse calendar overview

For its content calendar, Agorapulse came out on top again, with G2 reviewers giving it a 9.0 in comparison to Falcon, which only got an 8.5. (Agorapulse also beat out Falcon in other content-related features, as you can see in the G2 chart below.)

agorapulse vs falcon content features comparison

Which Social Media Management Tool Has the Best Social Inbox?

Making sure that you don’t miss a single comment, mention or tag can be difficult, especially if you’re managing a busy social media account or you’re juggling multiple social media networks.

A good Social Inbox should let you see all comments, messages, and engagements from across all your social networks. It should let you respond to all interactions, and it should let you archive and tag messages and comments, and assign them to team members, all from one central place.

Both Falcon and Agorapulse have inboxes that let you do these basics.

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

Agorapulse’s Social Inbox has a feature that I haven’t come across in another social media management tool: the Inbox Assistant. This clever feature automatically assigns, reviews, and labels messages (you can do this manually, too). You can keep yourself organized and at inbox zero all the time.

agorapulse inbox assistant

Another of Agorapulse’s brilliant and unique features is the Saved Reply. That allows you to create a bank of responses to frequently asked questions or comments and then re-use them so that you can respond to your audience quickly.

agorapulse saved replies

Falcon has an Automation Rule feature, which allows you to set up criteria that will label or assign engagements to a team member. You can get as complicated as you like. You could, for instance, assign all DMs from certain accounts to a specific Customer Service Manager, so they can increase their response time and customer satisfaction.

Although Falcon’s Automation Rule is a great feature, it simply doesn’t match up to Agorapulse’s Inbox Assistant and Saved Reply features. Therefore, for its Social Inbox, Agorapulse got a G2 score of 8.8, and Falcon only got a 7.6.

shared social inbox in comparison of agorapulse vs falcon

Out of Falcon vs Agorapulse, which tool will help you with your everyday tasks the most?

As you can see, According to 1,540 G2 reviewers, Agorapulse is miles ahead of Falcon in terms of helping you get through your mundane, time-consuming, day-to-day tasks.

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which Social Media Management Tool Will Help Me Track Social ROI and Performance?

You don’t need me to tell you that working in social media is tough. So, after you’ve put in all that hard work, you need to be able to prove and measure the success of your activities. Or learn from the failings, at the very least.

You need easy-to-read dashboards for daily performance tracking and comprehensive report functionalities that let you create and download detailed reports in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, PowerPoint, etc.) for your team or clients.

Both Agorapulse and Falcon offer excellent reporting, monitoring, and analytic capabilities:

  • Both have clear and intuitive reporting dashboards.
  • Both allow you to set up automatic scheduling that can run and send regular reports straight to your inbox.
  • Both let you run reports on different social media metrics, including things like team response times and activity.
  • Both give you the option to design and create custom reports or choose from a bank of ready-made report templates.

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

Agorapuse also pulls data from Google Analytics, which enables you to report on the revenue generated by each one of your campaigns, without having to access Google Analytics itself.

Plus, Agorapulse has a unique social ROI reporting feature that automatically adds UTM parameters to your content, which allows you to see which posts are driving the most sales, leads, and traffic across your social platforms.

Falcon doesn’t have either of these features, which makes it harder to see what is and isn’t working across your social media networks and also harder to prove social ROI.

I think it’s clear to see why Agorapulse was 10 points ahead of Falcon in regards to its reporting, dashboards, and analytical features.

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which Social Media Management Tool Will Make It Easier to Collaborate With Teams?

Whether you’re working solo and reporting back to a wider team, collaborating with colleagues on a day-to-day basis, or liaising with external clients or stakeholders, your social media management tool should have features that make collaboration as easy as possible.

Both Agorapulse and Falcon allow you to collaborate easily by letting you:

  • Add team members and assign them to specific brands or social profiles
  • Restrict or allow team members access to certain parts of the tool
  • Set permissions for certain tasks according to a job role
  • Send posts to colleagues for approval
  • Leave messages and notes for team members
  • Tag or reassign Social Inbox conversations
  • Filter content calendars by team or user
  • Share your content calendar with both internal and external people

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

  • Falcon has a feature that allows you to assign how many minutes each team member should take to respond to messages. That then allows you to see how many messages receive a timely response. Although it’s good to track team response times, doing it this way felt a little redundant to me. For example, if it’s a busy period, the response times are naturally going to be longer than normal. This will skew the data and make it unusable.
  • Agorapulse lets you report on team response times, too. It also offers a Team Workflow feature, which gives you an overview of what other members of the team are working on in real time. That stops you from having to reply to messages twice and increases your team’s productivity.

agorapulse team workflow

Plus, Agorapulse allows external sharing of content calendars with clients (which can be emailed directly to your client’s inbox or sent via a direct link). Agorapulse also allows internal and external team members to leave feedback and comments on specific items within the calendar itself.

agorapulse shared calendar

Again, it comes as no surprise that the G2 reviewers preferred Agorapulse to Falcon for team collaboration features.

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which Social Media Management Tool Will Be Easiest to Use and Set Up?

You need your social media management tool to be easy to set up, so you can start using it straight away. You also want it to be easy to use, so you can get the most out of each feature.

Luckily, these days, most social media tools and platforms are both these things: easy to set up and easy to use. Agorapulse and Falcon are no exception to this.

When you start, both tools prompt you to connect your social media profiles straight away, and it’s a quick and simple process. Although, it’s worth noting that with Falcon, you can’t get to the next stage without connecting more than two profiles.

Both tools also offer onboarding pop-up notes that guide you through the platform and tell you how to use each of the features, so you can learn at your own pace.

Key differences between Agorapulse vs Falcon

  • Falcon didn’t offer any type of video tutorial at the beginning of my journey with them, whereas Agorapulse did. I found this type of learning useful because it gave me a good overview of the tool and it helped me to understand its full capability in a visual and digestible way.
  • Falcon’s main menu only includes four items which, when clicked on, open up many different sub-items, pages, and actions. It’s clunky and a little confusing. By comparison, Agorapulse’s main menu has seven items, which makes the Agorapulse platform clearer, more intuitive, and easier to navigate.

agorapulse main menu

In G2, Agorapulse came up top again for ease of use and ease of setup:

ease of setup comparison between agorapulse vs falcon

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which Social Media Management Tool Will Offer Me the Best Support?

If you’ve got a question or you’re experiencing a technical issue, you want a support team there, at your fingertips, ready to offer you all the help and advice you need.

Luckily, both Agorapulse and Falcon offer a good level of support to their customers.

In terms of key differences:

  • Agorapulse offers 24/7 support in the form of live chat or email. Two out of three of their plans offer a response time of between 30-60 minutes, and users can also access self-help materials like FAQs, a help library, and video tutorials.
  • Falcon has a similar set-up with self-help articles and FAQs, etc., but their support team is only available Monday-Friday, and they don’t have a minimum response time option. That is no good if you have an urgent issue, or you have to work at the weekend, which let’s face it, many of us do.

As a result, G2 reviewers scored Agorapusle 9.2 for their quality of support, and only scored Falcon 8.8.

quality of support comparison between agorapulse vs falcon

Conclusion: Is Falcon or Agorapulse Is the Best Social Media Management Tool?

Hopefully, you should now know, out of Agorapulse and Falcon, which social media management tool will allow you to:

  • Complete everyday tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Easily measure, track, and report on performance and social ROI
  • Collaborate with internal and external team members and stakeholders
  • Get up and running quickly, with no teething problems, unnecessary confusion, or technical difficulty
  • Get support from a helpful and proactive support team, regardless of the day or time.

If you’re still struggling to decide between the two, I would sign up for a free trial and have a play with both platforms. Use this free trial to perform all your usual tasks, run all your reports, and try all the features. And don’t be afraid to call on their support team if you run into a problem either.

It might also be a good idea to involve the wider social team in the decision. Ask them which tasks they feel take the longest, and pick the tool that makes those tasks easier and quicker.

Want to find out for yourself how Agorapulse stacks up against Falcon? Start your free trial now!

Agorapulse vs Falcon: Which One Is Better for Your Social Media Management Needs?