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March 12, 2015 at 9:00 am

13 Tips To Get More Followers On Pinterest The Right Way

Getting more followers on any social network is the number 1 preoccupation these days, but is more really better?Not always.
You don’t just need more followers, you need better followers- the right ones.
In this article I’ll show you 13 ways to get more followers on Pinterest.


The biggest step to growing more followers on Pinterest actually doesn’t start with Pinterest; it starts on your website. Chances are, with over 70 Million users, that your customers are using a Pinterest account. That alone is a strong reason for you to have a Business Account on Pinterest.

The question then is: ” how do I get customers to follow me on Pinterest?”

Make your site Pinterest friendly

There are some basic steps you need to set up to create a Pinterest friendly site for your customers.


  • Create vertical images that are pinnable
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  • Add a Pinterest social media button
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  • Embed your most recent pins on your side bar
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  • Add a pin it button to each article or item
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  • Install print rich pins onto your site

By utilizing these strategies, your customers will be pinning your content onto Pinterest, helping to spread your reach. Customers are often willing to share great content if it’s easy to pin.

Create high quality images that are pinnable

It’s pretty common sense that you need images for people to pin but do you ensure that they are pinnable?
Making great pins does take a little practice but by following some basic principles you can get on the road to success. Images will draw new followers to your content. Here are a few tips to follow with your site’s images.


  • Vertical images with a ratio of 2:3 perform better
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  • Clear images with bright inviting colors
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  • Images should: make users take action, be helpful, or simply beautiful
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  • Create images that reflect your brand’s style guide

Pin fresh content onto your board frequently

Active pinners on Pinterest are more likely to be seen by users who are searching for content. Be sure to pin new pins onto your boards often. Pins should be focused on specific topics related to your boards. These pins need to be from a variety of websites, not just your content.

Adding Pinterest Social Media Button to your Website

Get social with your Pinterest account

One crucial element I see businesses missing out on often is not telling their customers that they are on Pinterest. Spending time and energy there is key but also telling customers you are there is vital.  When you are pinning, you have the option of sharing your pin on twitter. Consider setting up a marketing plan of when and how to incorporate that option.

Discussing Pinterest on other social platforms can draw attention to new followers.  You could:


  • Share a pin of the day
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  • Announce a new board
  • o

  • Mention a seasonal specific board
  • o

  • Highlight a top performing pin
  • o

  • Celebrate a collaborative board you’ve joined
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  • Add your Pinterest link to your newsletters
  • o

  • Add your Pinterest link to your emails

Your actions with pinning should be saving user’s time and inspiring them.

Post about Pinterest on your website or store

To gain new followers on Pinterest, consider sharing about your account on your website or even within your store. You could highlight tops pins from your products or ideas on your website.

Host a contest

Hosting a giveaway and including a “Follow on Pinterest” option can be a way to quickly gain followers.
Pinterest has specific guidelines to follow for brands when it comes to contests. You really want to attract users who will continue to repin the new content you’re sharing so be sure to host a contest around the topic you’ll be pinning to your account.

Know your target categories and interests

Pinterest has a variety of categories and interests for users to search though. One vital thing you need to know is where your target category is. Focus on this as you write your keyword descriptions on each pin that you make.

Create board names that show up in search easily

Name your Pinterest boards when you set up your account. Select board names that people will be including in their search for pins and even online.  Creating board with better click through rates is important.

Customize repins for your potential followers

A quick way to build up your boards is to search for content specific pins and repin them onto your boards. If repining them, consider altering the pin description text to match your target audience. Finding how the top 10 US retailers use Pinterest may inspire you with your pins and boards too.

Tag others in your pins or comments

Did you know that you can tag others in your pins on Pinterest?  You can also tag them in your comments too.
I think this is one of most underused parts on this social platform. When you create pins, consider tagging those accounts that the site comes from. Chances are you’re already following them if you like their content, go ahead and let them know by tagging them.

using analytics to learn more to followers

Observe Pinterest Analytics on your site

Install your Pinterest Analytics to discover who’s pinning your content and what types of boards they are pinning it onto. Your analytics tell you exactly who’s pinning from your website. Take advantage of this knowledge by engaging with them on Pinterest. Consider liking their pins or even commenting at times on them to increase engagement. Who doesn’t love a brand that connects with their customers on a more personal level?

Follow others on Pinterest

As you are beginning your account it’s important to engage with others and follow new people often. When you select users to follow, be sure that their account reflects your business. One quick tip is to follow content specific boards that are to your benefit before you follow the entire users account.

Timing matters with pins

The final tip has to do with when you pin and how much you pin.  Pinterest’s new Smart Feed with Guided Search has altered the way things work in terms of what your followers are seeing at times. However no one wants to sign into their Pinterest account and see multiple of pins just from you and all about you. It’s probably the quickest ways to lose followers if all you do is pin tons of pins at the same time and focus most on you and your most recent post.  To keep your followers happy, be sure to spread out your focused pins throughout the day to your target audience.  Facebook insights can help you discover when your readers are online, use those stats to help you on Pinterest when to pin.

13 Tips for How to Get More Followers on Pinterest


How will you attract new followers on Pinterest?

The right followers on Pinterest will discover you and will want to be a part of your pinning world if you’re inspiring, solving problems, and sharing resources just for them. By taking the steps to set up your website and your Pinterest boards for existing and potential followers in mind, you will attract the right followers who could potentially become loyal fans of your business. These steps will make sure you not only to get more of them but ensure to get the best ones.

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Kim is a consultant, speaker, freelance writer, educator, and blogger at The Educators’ Spin On It pinning for her 1.6 Million Followers on Pinterest.

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