LinkedIn has been gradually growing in influence and reach with over 590 million users as of December 2018.

However, of those members, only 3 million post content on a weekly basis.

Since LinkedIn has so many decision-makers and company influencers, this is a fantastic place to share your content.

That’s why now might be a great time to start scheduling LinkedIn posts on a regular basis.

There are a few key factors to keep in mind when you schedule your LinkedIn posts.

Use the Correct Image Size

Schedule LinkedIn Posts Image Size -- screenshot step 1

Unlike most social media platforms, LinkedIn doesn’t seem to provide ideal sizes for its post images. In fact, ideal image size is a subject of some debate.

What is clear is that LinkedIn posts favor images that are wider than they are tall.

You can still probably use the same image size that you are using for Facebook as long as important information is not contained in the top or bottom of the image.

Whatever image you use, remember that LinkedIn is geared to a professional audience. Images that might work well on Facebook or Twitter may not perform as well in this space.

Consider the difference between what you talk about at a party at home with friends compared to a business meeting as a good guide.

Create Content Queues to Save Time

Schedule LinkedIn Posts -- screenshot step 2

As you are thinking about what type of content to post, you might want to think about setting up content queues to help guide your content.

Think of the different topics and types of content you want to create, and then you can schedule these for specific days and times.

Another way that you might want to use queues is for different company departments or specialties.

For example, if you are using the team function on Agorapulse, you might decide that HR has its own content queue, sales has its own queue etc.

Then you can assign appropriate team members to create content for each category.

Strategically Repost Important Content

Schedule LinkedIn Posts -- screenshot step 3

There is a common fear of posting content too many times and boring your audience.

However, on LinkedIn in particular, not every person you are connected with will see every post you create. This is why being strategic in reposting your best content can yield significant results.

For example, Agorapulse co-founder Emeric did a test and was able to increase his LinkedIn views by 24 times!

In Emeric’s test, the magic number seemed to be to publish 4 times but it is always best to experiment.

Try different amounts of time between posts and different number of posts to see what works best for you to get you the most visibility and engagement.

Schedule Different Types of LinkedIn Posts

schedule linkedin posts -- screenshot step 4

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you are using images on LinkedIn you need to make sure they are sized correctly for the platform.

But images are not your only option. You can also post video, links, and even text-only posts.

In fact, you can create text posts that are up to 3000 characters long–  you can flesh out a topic in a single post in a way that you can’t do on other social media platforms.

Scott Ayers did an interesting study that actually showed text-only posts performing very well on LinkedIn.

But don’t overlook video, as that is a growing area right now, especially if you are creating and uploading native videos to LinkedIn rather than posting links to other video sharing sites.

Again, take the time to test different types of posts. And include variety in your posts.

Customize Your Text for LinkedIn

schedule linkedin posts -- screenshot step 5

Last, but not least, if you are posting the same content to multiple platforms you want to customize each post to the specifics of LinkedIn.

You can do this manually or you can also do it with Agorapulse’s cross-publishing capability. This will allow you to select LinkedIn and write text specific to that platform.

Try longer text for LinkedIn and also add a couple of relevant hashtags, if you feel it is a good fit for you.

What Are Your LinkedIn Plans?

Are you actively using LinkedIn in your business right now? Are you taking advantage of scheduling content in order to be more consistent and effective?