Do you manage multiple Facebook pages? About to lose your mind? Try some of these productivity hacks. You’ll get a few brain cells back.

If you’re an agency or business owner needing to manage multiple Facebook accounts, you will know how stressful it can be.

I manage six pages on Facebook, and I thought I was losing my mind a few times. Actually losing my mind! There are now over 65 million business pages on Facebook … If you’re managing more than one of them, you will need some productivity hacks to stay sane.

Here are eight ways to manage multiple Facebook accounts without going nuts.

1. Make an image library

Facebook posts with images get 2.3 x more engagement than those without, but good graphic design is time-consuming, especially when you don’t have a graphic designer! Making an image library can also be time-consuming but once it’s done, it will save you hours of page management time.

I use Canva to create my Facebook post images. The great thing is, you can duplicate the message and change the image as seen below. Save your images in a folder for each brand and then alternate them each time you want to post an update.


managing multiple facebook pages canva

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Create five images for each posting scenario. For example; “Social Media Tip,” “Thought Of The Day” and “Thank You.” This makes it super-easy to manage multiple Facebook accounts.

2. Establish a workflow to stay on task

One of the biggest problems I had when managing multiple Facebook pages was keeping the various brands and teams updated on everything. Each brand has its own set of creatives, logins, graphics, and reports. If you are managing lots of them, it can become very confusing.

Trello is a great free tool I use for managing my workflow, storing vital details, and communicating with clients.  In Trello, I can create “to do” lists and assign jobs or reports to different clients, all without leaving my dashboard.

manage multiple facebook pages with trello boards

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Create a standard set of boards for each client to ensure a smooth and consistent workflow for you. These may be “weekly reports,” “upcoming posts,” or “budget spend.” 

If you need to manage multiple Facebook accounts, doing that will keep you on track.

3. Use a dashboard to monitor all your Facebook activity

I used to log in to each and every individual network to compose posts, check replies, and monitor interaction. Half my day was probably spent trying to find login details and getting locked out of accounts.

I switched my social media management to dashboards, and my productivity has soared.

Using a social media management tool like Agorapulse means that I can monitor comments, posts, private messages, and interactions in one place. That goes for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No more annoying logins, and bye-bye password lists on Excel!

As you can see from the screenshot below, in minutes I can switch between looking at messages for a hair salon I manage to monitoring comments on my own Facebook page.

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Find a dashboard you love and upgrade to the paid multiple account version. The free one is usually only good for one set of pages. A great dashboard really is the best way to manage multiple Facebook accounts.

4. Reuse evergreen content

Very often, social media managers are either tasked with producing content or have a role in dictating its direction. So, if that’s you, I have two words for you: evergreen content. Evergreen content can be reused over and over again on your blog and on your social networks, which makes it an excellent time-saving hack.

Another benefit is that evergreen content will get more views as it will be searched repeatedly as opposed to time-sensitive or event-based content, which has a shelf life.

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

If you want to reschedule the same post but don’t want it to be obvious, just change the image and the headline. It’s a two-minute job and makes your post look brand new.

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5. Schedule your posts at least two weeks in advance

One way to feel like you’re going nuts is to leave all your scheduling till the last minute, or worse still, not schedule at all.

I have a two-week ahead rule for all my content and social media which means my Facebook accounts are scheduled in advance. Of course, you can always reschedule if you find a more newsworthy post or find yourself with some free time to design something different.

Using the Agorapulse calendar, I can schedule posts and tweets to go out on the days and times I want them to for each Facebook page. I can even bulk upload posts from a CSV file that I jam everything into in one swift motion. This task probably takes me three hours every two weeks. However, it saves me needing to remember to post updates each day.

The other sweet feature Agorapulse have added fairly recently is publishing categories. This queues up my evergreen content and enables a sort of programmatic social marketing―cycling it by category at a rate I specify for each Facebook page. This is so great, clients will think you’ve got a team of 10 social media managers working for you when it’s really it’s Agorapulse doing the heavy-lifting on your posting frequency metrics.

Setting up categories of evergreen content keeps posting frequency steady

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Pay attention to the times you are scheduling your messages for. If you are based in Europe but your page fans are in the US, schedule for their time zone and not yours.

6. Designate a “Pull My Pages’ Analytics Day”

Marketers don’t like working on social media reports. They can take ages to produce and really cut into your creative time.

If you are managing multiple Facebook pages and producing reports on different days, you may find yourself running in circles and playing catch-up with your other tasks.

Set a day aside each week or month where you will handle all the reports for your pages. If your dashboard or social media management tool can produce super-fast reports like these, then it shouldn’t take you too long.

social media reports

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Different brands will have different Facebook KPIs regarding social media management. Know which metrics each page wants to see and generate reports based on those.

Facebook management tool Agorapulse

7. Stagger your Facebook advertising timelines

Envision this scenario: You are managing six pages, each has three ads running, all of them finish on the last day of the month.

That was me on that last day each month.

I used to manage my Facebook ads like that, and I would be left frantically trying to produce reports, send them to clients, and design new ads to start running in their place.

While it isn’t always possible, I now run ads that will finish at different times and set myself Trello reminders to create the next set of creative.

manage multiple facebook account budgets

If you prefer to spend a whole day dedicated to ads then you can simply end them all on the same date. It’s up to you.

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

If an ad is producing great results then extend the date and rerun it. There may be no need to replace it at all.

8.  Create parameters for Facebook Page automation

If you need to manage multiple Facebook accounts then automation is both your angel and your demon. Too much automation can seem robotic, non-personal, and can leave you open to potential PR problems. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t use a little automated magic to manage multiple Facebook accounts. Here are some of the commands (or recipes) you could create using IFTTT:

manage multiple facebook accounts

  • Repost articles from top sites in your niche to your page.
  • Set automated “Be with you soon” responses to Facebook Messenger.
  • Automatically post your latest blog content to your page.

Takeaway for managing multiple Facebook Pages

Automation should be handled with care. Only automate from highly reliable sources or from your own blog. Saying “It wasn’t my fault” afterwards won’t cut it with fans or shareholders.

What Not to Do When Managing Multiple Facebook Pages

Now you have some great tips for managing multiple Facebook accounts, here are some of the things you shouldn’t be doing:

  • Set up automated RSS feeds to your Facebook pages. It looks terrible and won’t get the engagement you want.
  • Forget to monitor comments from fans in your dashboard. You love your fans, right? You need to be checking comments even on dark posts when you manage multiple Facebook accounts.
  • Use the same content on different pages.  You will doom all your pages to failure if you do that. Know each brand and stick to the right style.
  • Lose consistency. Publishing one post per day, every day, is better than five one week and none, the next.

* * *

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