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June 23, 2016 at 4:12 am

4 Social Media Management Strategies for Mobile Consumers

How many social media management strategies REALLY incorporate mobile users?

Most likely not enough.

Marketing Land reported that nearly 80 percent of social media time is now spent on mobile devices.

Mobile users are busy people, juggling multiple tasks at once. Therefore, when they check their social media accounts, it includes short time intervals.

It’s important for your team to develop a strategy to grab their attention immediately. If not, your business will get lost among all the other social noise.

Check out these four social media management strategies to interact with mobile consumers.

1. Encourage Sharing

Research shows that “mobile users are nearly twice as likely to share content on social networks as desktop users.”

social media management strategies

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People love interacting online. And mobile devices make it easier for that to happen.

Work with your team and start producing more content. Give your audience an opportunity to share that inspirational quote, funny meme, or 20% discount code.

“Help your content’s chances for success by creating a consistent style. (For example, if you pull a quote to share, always add quotation marks. That way, regular readers instantly know what they’re seeing.),” writes Jeff Haden, contributing editor at Inc.

Also, don’t be afraid to directly ask your fans to share. Writing ‘Please RT’ or ‘Share w/friends’ is a polite and simple request that can boost your engagement.

Mobile consumers are willing to engage with your content. So, give them something worth sharing.

2. Increase Visual Content

Studies report that content with relevant images receive 94% more views. Visuals play an integral role in capturing your audience’s attention.

Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, says, “Photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, and videos are just a few forms of visual content that are having a huge impact on the way people consume information. All of these visual assets will only continue to grow in importance over the next few years.”

Visuals help brands tell stories. It empowers their fans to participate in a lifestyle.

Under Armour likes showcasing photos of their clothing via Instagram. But in the image below, the activewear brand doesn’t just display clothes.  It also illustrates the ideal of persistence.
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Use visuals to give your products and services more context. Infographics can show how to complete a process. Videos can demonstrate how to finish a task. And a GIF can spread some laughter.

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3. Link to Mobile-Friendly Sites

According to Google, 94% of American people with smartphones search for local information on their phones. That’s ironic because 77% of mobile searches happen at home or at work, where desktop computers are available.

Whether searching for a restaurant location or a product description, mobile customers are looking for information. When your team adds a link to a post, consumers want to be directed to a mobile-friendly site.

“Mobile users now expect an experience optimized for their device. Nearly half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices,” says, Daniel Kedinger, digital marketing director of BBR Creative.

social media management strategies

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Google created a tool to help you analyze web pages for mobile-friendly design. They recommend avoiding software like Flash, using readable text that doesn’t need zooming, and sizing content to the screen.

Moreover, don’t hamper your site’s ability to load quickly. Too many graphics and video can affect the speed.

Some consumers don’t like navigating mobile sites. So, your team may want to include a “go to full website” option at the bottom of your website.

Don’t lose your mobile customer’s interest. Link to a mobile-friendly site. And consider adding Instant Articles to your Website so that content that gets shared from your site to Facebook looks great to mobile users.

4. Join the Conversation

Engagement is a two-way street between the brand and the consumer. 

Begin monitoring your social media channels to learn more. Who are your followers? What are they saying?

Agorapulse can help you listen to your customers. Identify people who retweet your content the most, and find brand ambassadors who share links to your website.

social media management strategiesUnderstand not only how to listen to your followers, but also how to communicate with your customers.

“This gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for positive comments or to find and respond to disappointed customers, turning potentially negative experiences into positive ones,” says, social media consultant Zoe Summers.

Twitter management tool Agorapulse

Customers want to know that your business cares. So start retweeting their messages, commenting on their posts, and sharing their Instagram photos. Give people a reason to love your brand.

Go Social With Mobile

Most social media experiences happen on mobile devices. And the customer’s attention is occupied by various distractions. Develop tailored social media management strategies for your mobile consumer.

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