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July 21, 2014 at 4:00 pm

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Brand, Leads and Sales (Kim Garst)


In March, the whole Agorapulse team traveled to San Diego on a mission to attend the best sessions at Social Media Marketing World, compile notes of the key takeaways and share them with you. We’ve created 20 blog posts from those notes, here’s one of them!

Title of the Session: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Brand, Leads and Sales

Why you should read this article
Kim Garst reveals her top 4 secret keys to unlocking the power of Twitter for your business.  Twitter has over 240 million active monthly users and 500 million tweets are sent every day, yet many marketers struggle to harness that potential. Learn how to leverage Twitter from a business standpoint, and how to build a twitter strategy and content plan that will increase your brand awareness, generate leads and deliver sales. Kim will also show you how to develop an active Twitter following, who will share your content across the web.

 Kim Garst is the Founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a personal branding and social media business consulting firm. She is also a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.

 Quote form the session: 

“People will connect with you on a personal level, before they will connect with you on a business level”


Why Twitter for Business?


  • You can build relationships with people you wouldn’t normally meet
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  • Social media sells stuff (When you do it right!)

Twitter Myths Debunked

Myth #1 – Tweet and you will be famous

You can’t just start tweeting and expect to get results. You need a plan. It takes hard work and persistence to build your audience and engage with them on Twitter.

Myth #2 – You can’t sell stuff on Twitter

Yes you can. Marketing has changed. We are moving away from a reliance on old-style push based marketing, such as TV and radio ads towards a more social, value based model. The new social marketing model is built on sharing valuable content, being useful to your audience and building a community. Twitter is a perfect place to build those relationships.

Myth #3 – Twitter is not right for MY business

Kim’s strategies have worked for all types of businesses, from mattress manufacturers to gold bullion distributors and travel agencies. If you develop a strategy and build a content plan, then use Kim’s top 4 secret keys to success, you will grow your community and generate leads and sales for your business.

Myth #4 – You must keep personal and business separate

To be successful you must blend it all together on social. It is important to BE social rather than DOING social. As we mentioned above, people will connect with you on a personal level, before they will connect with you on a business level.

Twitter Strategy & Content Plan


  • Decide what you want from Twitter

Is it brand awareness, sales and leads or to build a professional network?


  • Be clear about whom it is you want to connect with. Who is your target audience?
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  • Understand how you can serve them. What do they want besides your product or service?
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  • Most importantly, remember that people don’t search by your solutions, they search by their problems

Sample Content Plan

twitter strategy & content plan

4 Secrets Kim Uses to Dominate Twitter

Twitter is Kim Garst’s number one source of traffic to her website, blog and other social media platforms. Follow the secrets to Kim’s success on Twitter and you too could reap the benefits for your business.

#1 Connect with Influencers

Once you get to a certain number of followers, it becomes difficult to engage with everybody. From a business perspective it makes sense to try to maximise your amplification effect.  Kim Garst uses the Hootsuite Social Dashboard to manage her engagement with influencers.

There is a facility on the dashboard that allows you to filter information by a user’s Klout Score. If you choose to engage with Twitter users who have a Klout Score of say 50+, they will probably be more engaged with their audience, and be members of engaged communities therefore maximising the amplification effect of your content.

Once you have engaged with influencers with higher Klout Scores, you should move to the next level of users.


connect with influencers

#2 Find real time leads

How do you find and connect with people when there is so much content on Twitter? Let’s face it, 500 million tweets per day is a daunting place to start! Kim recommends using Twitter Advanced Search to do keyword searches that are relevant to your business. There are lots of parameters that you can set, including location. This tool will help you find real-time conversations around the keywords you are looking for. That can result in solid leads and Kim showed lots of instances where this has been the case.


find real time leads

#3 Target Followers

Manage Flitter is a platform with over 2 million members that helps Twitter users to manage their followers. You want to connect with people who are interested in your business and what you have to sell. Kim had something to say about the ‘following back’ debate too – “engagement is a two way street”.

Manage Fitter has a power mode and search functionality. You can search by:


  • Have certain keywords such as “social media” in their description
  • o

  • Are active on Twitter
  • o

  • Follow people who follow them
  • o

  • Who aren’t spammers

Using these filters you can build an engaged community of followers in your target audience.



#4  Automate Evergreen Content

Social Oomph is a platform that allows users to automate evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that still has relevance, despite the fact that social changes so quickly. Using this platform takes pushing content into your network to a new level. For example you can:


  1. Make a list of your evergreen blog content
  2. o

  3. Import it into Social Oomph
  4. o

  5. Create a schedule at intervals of your choosing to share this content routinely
  6. o

  7. You can create categories for all your evergreen content and create different sharing schedules for each
  8. o

  9. Once the content is shared you can add it to the back of the queue for re-cycling and re-sharing later

If you have a body of evergreen content and implement this system, it means your content is always working for you!


automate evergreen content

Top Tips


  • “Be human” – it is the glue that binds your marketing strategy on Twitter and makes it work
  • o

  • Develop a Twitter strategy and create a content plan
  • o

  • Connect with influencers, and manage engagement. Kim uses Hootsuite to do this.
  • o

  • Find real time leads using Twitter advanced search
  • o

  • Target followers by identifying top prospects who are likely you follow you back. Manage Flitters will help with this.
  • o

  • Make your content work for you by automating evergreen content.


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