Agencies and Social Media Attribution: Are You Ready?

Agencies and Social Media Attribution: Are You Ready?

About the session

Agorapulse and Promethean Research have teamed up to discuss our extensive market research into how today’s marketers are leveraging the avalanche of data available to them around their social media campaigns.

To say the results of that research challenged our assumptions is an understatement. In this session, we will explore those findings and provide insights into how organic social media data will be used to improve outcomes for social media teams in the future.

Together, we will discuss the three surprising facts revealed in our research about how social media is being measured today, including:

  • The many different ways “engagement” is being measured by social media professionals
  • The big gap between what social media managers KNOW they should do and what they are doing
  • Just how few marketers are getting it right – and even worse – the reasons why it isn’t getting done
  • From there, we will talk about solutions and plot our next steps to get ahead of the social media data, we will talk about solutions and plot our next steps to get ahead of the social media data apocalypse.

Theresa Anderson
Head of Marketing (US, CA, AU)

Theresa supports Agorapulse’s growing base of clients in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Prior to Agorapulse, Theresa held leadership roles with several in-house corporate marketing teams and independent marketing agencies. She also served as Program Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship at Rollins College.

Nicholas Petroski
Managing Partner
Promethean Research

As Managing Partner at Promethean Research, Nick helps digital firm owners better understand their industry and chart more effective paths to success. Prior to co-founding Promethean, Nicholas worked as an equity analyst at a Wall St. firm, where he covered the enterprise software and semiconductor industries.

Key-takeaways to help you get ahead of social media attribution

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