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Are you currently managing your social with Sprout Social but looking for a better alternative?

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You’re on our page because you’re curious about Agorapulse – cool! Why don’t we start with a Agorapulse v. Sprout Social comparison of our features and pricing. Then we’ll share experiences of customers who moved from Sprout to Agorapulse.

Here we go!

1. Our publishing options will blow you away.

While Sprout provides the ability to queue and schedule your content, we’ve taken publishing a step further.

With Agorapulse, you can schedule a post to repeat in custom increments.

republish content options

If you like to set evergreen content on queue, then you’ll love our requeue options. Set your posts to be queued once or requeued over time. You choose how many times you’d like each piece of content to go back in your queue.

requeue option

To make your queued posts even more organized, use our Queue Categories to classify your content any way you’d like.

And whether you’re a scheduler or a queuer (or both), you’ll be able to upload a mountain of content at once with our bulk uploader.


Laura Noting

Agorapulse allows us to give every person who interacts with our social media channels the time and attention they deserve. No message goes without a response.

2. We treat Facebook ad comments differently. You’ll probably like why.

Agorapulse has our Inbox so that you’ll never miss a comment on your Facebook posts — whether they’re organic or paid.

Our connection to both Facebook’s Marketing API and Graph API means that comments are in sync 100% of the time.

If you know what an API is, let me get geekier with you. What makes our sync system unique is a combination of simultaneous calls to both the Marketing API (aka the Ads API) AND the Graph API. Other tools, like the one we’re comparing ourselves to here, only use the Graph API of the real time webhook — but this doesn’t provide information on your active campaigns. If you’ve missed some (or many) of your ads’ comments with a tool like that, this is probably why.

Ashish Mehta

With our previous tools, we couldn't keep a check on comments that came on paid social media ads. Agorapulse provided just that and we've stayed on board ever since. We have a very active Facebook brand page of 2.7 million fans which receives about 80,000+ comments every month. Agorapulse helps us quickly identify and address negative comments on social media, which is crucial.

3. Agorapulse is more affordable for large teams and agencies who value ROI

You have enough on your minds as social media managers. Figuring out the real cost of your social media management tool shouldn’t be a task for you to consider. It should just be obvious.

We love the pricing tool over at Seriously Social and we did a calculation for a client who:

  • Manages 25 social media accounts
  • Has 5 team members who need access to the tool
  • Requires team workflow features
  • Needs downloadable social media reports
  • Wants access to saved replies and creation of automated rules for your inbox

Here is how Agorapulse and Sprout Social meet the need of this client:


Annual Price



Sprout Social


Try the pricing tool based on your needs here.

Brought to you by Seriously Social with Ian Anderson Gray

Chuck Ellis

Important things like assigning posts, tagging incoming posts, and reporting were all considerably more expensive on Sprout Social. Using Agorapulse has saved us thousands of dollars per year.

4. We love our customer service almost as much as our customers.

You might be catching the drift that we want to make managing social an easy, seamless job for you.

From our own experience using a gazillion online tools, we know that the best way to master a tool is to have someone at the ready to get you started and answer questions with straightforward, transparent advice.


Let’s Review

We gave you a lot of things to think about, no? Here is a rundown of what I’ve mentioned so far, in addition to support for YouTube and Facebook Groups. Add your YouTube accounts to make use of our inbox, monitoring, and CRM features. Link your Facebook Groups to use our scheduling and queuing publishing features.



Sprout Social

Repost and requeue options (including Queue Categories)



Complete Facebook ad comments capturing



Support for YouTube (inbox, monitoring, CRM)



Support for Facebook Groups (publishing)



Affordable pricing for teams



Don’t just take our word for it. See how our user reviews compare with Sprout’s user reviews on TrustRadius and other software review sites.

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