Whether you’re planning a social media marketing campaign for your client or wanting to grow your company’s online audience, hashtags can help you reach your goals. And these hashtag tools can make that process easier.

With hashtags, you can do everything from increasing your brand’s reach and tracking trending topics on social media to launching user-generated content (UGC) campaigns and identifying influencers.

A variety of hashtags tools allow marketers and social media practitioners to monitor and gather data surrounding a specific hashtag. Most tools offer free elements that are straightforward to digest.

But how can you take advantage of hashtags without adding even more to your team’s workload?

To optimize your team’s efforts, check out these seven easy-to-use hashtag search tools.

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1. All Hashtag

Looking for an all-in-one hashtag search platform for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? All Hashtag features a suite of tools designed to help you build your brand and generate more engagement for your content.

Even better, All Hashtag is free to use, making it a no-brainer for teams on a budget.

Here’s what you can do with All Hashtag.

Hashtag generator

If you need hashtag ideas, this is the hashtag tool for you. Just enter a keyword—and the tool generates 30 related hashtags. You can choose from random, top, or live hashtags to filter your results. Like what you see? Press the copy button to add them right to your social media post.hashtag tool example all hashtag

Hashtag analytics

If you want to find out how popular your hashtags are, take a look at the analytics tool. Type in your hashtag … and the tool reveals its ranking and the number of hits.hashtag tools for hashtag analytics

Top hashtags

Want to check out today’s trending hashtags? The chart tool shows you the top 100 hashtags for the day, the week, the month, and all time.all hashtag tools keywords

2. BuzzSumo

Want to identify influencers and content related to specific hashtags? BuzzSumo has you covered with its content discovery and influencer search tools. (Although this is a paid tool, you can try it out with a free trial.)

Here’s how to get the most out of BuzzSumo’s hashtag search tools.

Research content with this hashtag tool

Type a hashtag into the search bar, and BuzzSumo surfaces online content that features your keyword.

You can see how much engagement the content has generated on Facebook or Reddit as well as the number of Twitter and Pinterest shares. With this information in hand, you can assess the best-performing content on social media and find top content to share.hashtag tools for web content

Find influencers

Start by entering your hashtag, and then choose whether you want to find influencers with the keyword in their profiles or in their shared content. Then filter your list by number of followers, retweet ratio, domain authority, or other factors.

BuzzSumo automatically tags relevant profiles as influencers and provides website links and Instagram profiles, so you can research potential partners more easily.hashtag tools for twitter influencers

3. Hashtagify

Need to get the scoop about hashtag performance on Twitter? Check out Hashtagify for comprehensive Twitter hashtag analytics. You can get limited data for free or choose a subscription level for more advanced analytics.

When you search for your hashtag, the hashtag tool calculates its all-time and recent popularity levels on a scale of zero to 100. Hashtagify also offers a helpful graph that shows how your hashtag has performed over the past few weeks along with a prediction of how it will fare during the current week.hashtag tool for popularity trend

Watch competitors

Curious about what your competition is doing? You can also view the top Twitter profiles that tweet about your hashtag. Because you can sort by influence or follower numbers, Hashtagify makes it easy to find some of the most influential voices in your space.hashtag tool for related hashtags

Get ideas

Want to expand your hashtag pool? Hashtagify also provides up to 30 related hashtags that you can add to your posts. You can sort ideas based on correlation or popularity to make sure you’re choosing the right hashtags for your content.

4. Hashtracking

Want high-powered hashtag analytics to inform your Instagram or Twitter strategy? Hashtracking is designed to help you grow your brand’s following, create successful social media marketing campaigns, and curate relevant content.

Here’s what this subscription tool offers.

Track hashtags

Whether you want to find trending hashtags or review campaign performance, this tool is for you. With this tool, you can determine a hashtag’s total reach, number of contributors, and amount of tweets or posts during any time period. You can also assess peak times for your hashtag, see which platforms contributors used, and separate original tweets from retweets and mentions.hashtag tool hashtag tracking report


Get insights about any hashtag in seconds. Just choose a hashtag, choose Instagram or Twitter, and generate a report of recent content that features your keyword. You can use the data to see what’s popular in your niche and identify key figures in your industry.

5. Keyhole

Ready to invest in the self-proclaimed world’s top hashtag search tool? Meet Keyhole, which provides real-time hashtag tracking and analytics.

Here’s what this hashtag tool can do …

Hashtag tracking

Type any keyword, and Keyhole supplies every post and mention that includes your hashtag. The tool provides regularly updated engagement and reach metrics; you always have current data at your fingertips. It also features popular posts and influential users so you can make an impact when you join the conversation.keyhole hashtag search tool

Hashtag predictions

Every time you research a hashtag, Keyhole predicts how it will perform over the next day, week, or month. You can use the tool’s predictions to estimate the engagement and reach you’re likely to get so you can choose wisely.

Hashtag reports

If you’re tracking hashtag engagement for a marketing campaign, this feature can save you tons of time. Get shareable links to your hashtag reports to keep your boss or your clients up to speed on your results.

6. RiteTag

Can’t decide which hashtags to use to get more exposure for your brand? RiteTag has you covered with its simple hashtag suggestion tool.

Here’s how this tool can power your hashtag search efforts.

Hashtag suggestions

Start by typing in your keyword, and get dozens of related hashtags instantly. Next to each suggestion, you can see the number of tweets and retweets using the hashtag each hour. You can also estimate the hashtag exposure per hour, which can help you identify which suggestions can put your brand in the spotlight.hashtag search tool for popular hashtags


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Hashtag analytics

Want more data to inform your decision? Click on the report for each suggested hashtag to view more advanced stats.

With a free account, you can whether RiteTag considers the hashtag underused, overused, evergreen, or hot now. With a paid account, you can view analytics for the last 30 days, including links to Twitter profiles that use each hashtag. Use these analytics to identify competitors or influencers to get even more out of this hashtag search tool.hashtag full analytics

7. Agorapulse

In the market for a hashtag search tool that integrates with your social media suite? Agorapulse has the answer.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Agorapulse’s hashtag search feature.

Automated searches

In the Inbox Assistant, create a new Twitter or Instagram search with your keyword. You can include or exclude multiple related hashtags and select language and location so you receive relevant results only. Each search links to the Twitter or Instagram profile you choose, and you can turn searches on or off with a single click.custom tool for hashtag tool

Hashtag monitoring

To monitor your searches, check the social listening tab. You can like or reply to Twitter results in the Agorapulse app or open posts on Instagram for further engagement.

You can also assign items to your team for follow-up actions or add Twitter users to your social media CRM. From there, you can find influencers, build relationships with key figures, and stay on top of important industry conversations.monitor searches

Hashtag reports

To track results over time, check the reports tab. You can see how your hashtags performed each day and calculate the total number of mentions throughout the month. You can also compare various time periods to see how your hashtags fare over time and inform your strategy going forward.listening from agorapulse

Hashtag tracking is a smart way to get even more out of your social media campaigns. Use these simple tools to take your hashtag strategy to the next level.

team social media management

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