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How to Get More Clients for Your Social Media Agency


Whether you’re launching a new digital agency or you’re growing your social media business, a solid client roster should be at the top of your to-do list. Discover nine ways to get more clients for your social media agency.

When launching a new digital agency or growing your social media business, you need a few essentials.

Social media management experience, high-level strategic knowledge, and business savvy are all critical. But if you really want to set your agency up for success, you need a client roster.

Here are some tips to help you in growing your list of clients.

Leverage Your Existing Social Media Agency Clients

Have one client or a hundred? Either way, you need to start building your client roster by leveraging your relationship with your current customers.

Ask for a testimonial

Satisfied customers tend to be happy to provide a positive statement or two about your social media agency’s services. Ask a specific question or give them a testimonial template to make the process super-easy. Then post the testimonial on your website or share on social media.

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Create a case study

If you’ve achieved amazing results for a client, map out the entire process to reveal an inside look at what you accomplished and how you did it. Build the case study into a blog post or share it with prospects to impress potential clients.

Request a referral

Happy customers might endorse your agency through word of mouth, but you can’t expect them to promote your business automatically. Tell your best clients that you plan to expand your client roster, and ask them to refer your agency to other businesses in the industry.

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Put Your Social Advertising Experience to Work

If you collect leads on your digital agency website, you can implement a great strategy for nurturing prospects.

But if low traffic to your site means you aren’t generating many leads, try this simple solution: Use your experience with paid social to create ads for your agency. Whether you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can target your ideal customers and drive prospects to your site.

With a strong remarketing strategy, you can even guide potential customers through your sales funnel and toward your client roster.

Offer High-Value Content at No Cost

While your agency shouldn’t give away its services, offering value for free can be an effective way to build your client roster. Consider sharing a compelling case study, publishing a how-to ebook, or creating a quick-start social media guide to attract prospects.

The more support you offer potential clients, the more they value your expertise. For example, use Agorapulse’s shared calendar to make collaboration with your clients about social media content much easier, more visible, and less of a hassle.

When ready to invest in social media services, they’ll be more likely to remember and trust your agency.

Demonstrate Your Value With a Savvy Sales Pitch

An effective sales pitch can turn curious prospects into retainer clients instantly.

To make your pitch as appealing as possible, create a script that targets your prospects’ pain points, needs, and goals. Back up your agency’s expertise by using Agorapulse reports to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and show examples of results you’ve generated for current clients.

By having these details handy, you can respond persuasively to any objections and deliver an offer your prospects can’t resist.

Demonstrate the value of your social media agency client roster

Network in Relevant Social Media Groups

As a digital agency head, you most likely participate in countless Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack groups focused on social media management or paid social strategy. Though you might acquire a few leads in these spaces, you’re much more likely to find prospects in groups that cater to your agency’s niche.

For example, if you provide social media services for landscaping companies, try joining groups for those business owners. Add value by answering marketing questions and offering social media advice as you build out your network.

Establish Your Agency as an Industry Leader

Your agency could easily be the best in the business. But if your prospects don’t know that you’re paving the way, they might never become your clients. To elevate your business, take steps to position your social media agency as an industry leader.

Make a plan to appear on relevant podcasts, speak at industry conferences, and publish guest blog posts. As you share your expertise and promote your business, you can generate greater brand awareness and more leads for your agency. You may also consider registering at Social Agency Scout to help brands find you; your reviews there can also help your agency’s reputation and establish your agency as an industry leader.

Launch a Public Relations Campaign

If your social media agency could use more exposure, a positive public relations campaign can put you in the spotlight.

Contract an experienced PR professional to craft and promote a compelling story about your agency. Your agency has plenty of interesting tales, such as your agency’s fascinating origin story to establishing connections with the local community.

With an effective PR push, you can transform from an unknown to an in-demand agency quickly.

Forge Partnerships With Companies in Your Niche

Leveraging relationships can help you find new prospects, especially when you make a point of connecting with other companies.

Consider working with complementary businesses and partnering to promote each other.

For example, you could form a strategic partnership with digital agencies that offer services your agency doesn’t, such as email marketing or paid search. With this type of “preferred partner” relationship, you’ll gain even more opportunities to sign new clients.

Boost Your Team With Social Media Specialists

Recommending partner agencies can expand your client roster, but you shouldn’t let this strategy impede larger growth goals. Naturally, scaling your agency can be tough if you only offer a single service.

To attract more clients, consider expanding your team or offering more services. If you focus on Facebook management, consider bringing on team members specializing in related services like Facebook Ads or Instagram strategy.

By adding more social media specialists to your team, you can give your agency a boost and create more opportunities for new client acquisition.

Building a successful social media agency can be incredibly rewarding, especially when you make a solid plan to scale. With an ever-growing client roster, an extraordinary team, and a solid business plan, you can even set your sights on becoming the go-to digital agency in your industry.

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Launching a new digital agency or you’re growing your social media business? Growing a solid client roster should be at the top of your to-do list. Check out these tips to get more clients for your social media agency.
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