Written by Lisa Kalner Williams

June 15, 2015 at 10:46 am

Why You Need These 6 Essential Instagram Marketing Tools

Let’s cut through the crowded world of Instagram marketing tools together. We’re going to dive into six tools that truly help marketers on Instagram.

1. Gramfeed

Why you need this tool: To conduct better Instagram searches by location.

There are tons of free tools that search Instagram posts by user or hashtag, but very few offer you the chance to search posts by location.

Enter Gramfeed. It allows Instagram search by location in a couple of neat ways. First, you can search for photos geotagged to a place you know (maybe your brick and mortar store or a convention you’re attending). Here are search results for one of my favorite meeting places, the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

Gramfeed Instagram Location Search for NERD Center Cambridge

Second, you can also search for hashtagged posts in a certain geographic region. Want to look for people eating spiedies in Binghamton, New York? Riding mopeds in Madison, Wisconsin? The “search places with Instagram photos” function gives you this opportunity.

2. TAGstagram

Why you need this tool: To strategically organize your hashtags.

You and I may disagree on how many hashtags you need with each Instagram post — but we probably agree that we need *some*. After all, hashtags lead to better branding and exposure for your posts!

Instead of recreating the hashtag wheel each time you post, why not use TAGstagram to keep collections of your best performing hashtags for you to use at the most opportune times? For example, a pet blogger simply has to copy and paste this customized TAGstagram collection the next time he posts to Instagram.

Tagstagram Hashtag Organization for a Pet Blogger


3. Agorapulse

Why you need this tool: To build stronger relationships with your Instagram followers.

Instagram is the so-called “King of Engagement,” so why not better understand the folks you’re engaging with? Agorapulse gives you a few great ways to do this.

First, its Inbox culls all your brand mentions, shoutouts, and keywords then alerts you to them as soon as you log in.

Agorapulse Instagram Inbox

With this Inbox, you can easily provide customer service to your Instagram followers in a matter of minutes.

You can also build out user profiles with Agorapulse’s “Users” tab. Agorapulse already gives you a headstart by designating circular icons to those who regularly like or comment on your posts or have used your business’ hashtag in one of their posts.

Top 5 Fans on Agorapulse

You can assign additional characteristics to your users. In the above example, a business has given a “contentprovider” tag to Instagram followers who have provided repostable user generated content. This information is especially useful for team members who are not as familiar with a business’ Instagram follower base. (Note: All Agorapulse plans include unlimited team members.)

4. PhotoRepost

Why you need this tool: To easily share and credit user generated content.

Once you’ve searched for great user generated content that you’d like to post on your Instagram account, consider a mobile app like PhotoRepost to share it.


PhotoRepost Example

The tool allows you to paste the original photo description and include the name of the original poster directly on your image.

Speaking of giving credit, it’s imperative that you seek and receive permission from the original user to share her post. Do this prior to posting on a tool like PhotoRepost. Being part of the Instagram community, or any other social community for that matter, is respecting the creative work of others.

5. Schedugram

Why you need this tool: To post to Instagram at optimal times for engagement.

You need to post regularly In order to reach new Instagram followers and keep current followers engaged. And when I say regularly, I mean regularly… at times that are good for your audience — which might not necessarily be good for you. Before you moan, let me tell you about Schedugram.

Schedugram is a desktop tool that allows you to upload and schedule Instagram posts. This is super convenient for your audience is in different time zones or circadian rhythms. If you want to post a photo of your green smoothie while you’re deep sea diving? No problem. Get it set up in Schedugram ahead of time and enjoy the dive.

Schedugram Instagram Scheduler

6. Union Metrics

Why you need this tool: To examine the numbers behind your photos.

So you’re using hashtags, building relationships, posting user generated content, and keeping a flow going on Instagram. Great! Now it’s time to use a report from Union Metrics to see what’s working and what’s not.

Among a half dozen handy data points, the report displays your top three and bottom three posts of the last 30 days.

Union Metrics Instagram Report

Take a good look at the style of the photo, the caption, and the hashtags of these posts. If you find commonalities among last month’s winners, figure out ways to duplicate them going forward. If trends emerge among your poorest performing posts, consider what needs to be purged.

What other tools do you use to improve your marketing on Instagram?

Lisa Kalner Williams

Lisa Kalner Williams is the Lead Social Media Strategist for Sierra Tierra Marketing and the Content Marketing Director for Agorapulse. You might see her speaking across the country on how to better market using Instagram.

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