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Looking for a good Sendible alternative?

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You found this page because you’re curious about Agorapulse―cool! Agorapulse and Sendible are both solid social media management tools, but we differ in how we make lives easier for social media managers and agencies across the globe.

Let us share a little about ourselves and how we compare with Sendible. 

And that bit, at least to start, is our TL;DR answer to the “Agorapulse v. Sendible” question.





Instant access to an all-in-one social media management solution



Full suite of analytics, esp. rich in Instagram data



Inbox assistant to clear your entire inbox



24/7 support with quick turnaround time



If you’d love more details on how Agorapulse compares to Sendible, read on.

To start, Agorapulse is a quicker-to-use, all-in-one solution.

With Agorapulse, you get publishing, reporting, and an inbox — along with monitoring and ads monitoring — out of the gate. With Sendible, if you want  Facebook ad comments in your inbox or monitoring, you need to subscribe to them against your social profile limit.

And Sendible doesn’t offer Instagram ad comments monitoring like Agorapulse does.

Our reports are better at proving your ROI.

As a social media manager, you need to consistently prove the ROI of your social efforts―and sometimes the ROI of your position. We get that.

So we provide statistics on your Facebook competitors, Instagram Stories, hashtags, and profile demographics on all plans.
And we don’t require you upgrade to get response time reports. All our plans are made for teams, so it only makes sense that you can track how your team is doing.

We also believe that awareness statistics are important enough to be included in all our Global reports. No need for a separate report to get that data.

David Trott

Agorapulse has completely transformed our work with social media clients. Without a doubt, its built-in reports are the best on the market. Our clients often mention how detailed, clear, and comprehensive they are. Highly recommended!

Our inbox moderation tool is way more helpful in reducing incoming clutter.

Having an active social media community is wonderful for your brand! But for you, as a social media manager, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Enter our Inbox Assistant. It’s available for all plans and works for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube inboxes.

The Inbox Assistant allows you to set up moderation rules to make your social media management much easier than you’ve experienced with other tools.

inbox assistant spam

With our moderation rules, you can:

  • Auto-assign comments to the appropriate team member
  • Auto-label or bookmark comments associated with a campaigns
  • Auto-hide or delete comments that may ruin your reputation
  • Auto-hide spam links

This behind-the-scenes work lets you breeze through your messages and quickly reach Inbox Zero.

Dustin Stolberg

Agorapulse allows us to automatically moderate comments on our ads with features like flagging certain keywords for fast response and auto-hiding profanity & troll comments. Additionally, it is a much faster option to manage review of customer questions and comments than what is provided by Facebook. We highly recommend it!

Our customer support is always open―and has quicker response times.

We all need support―whether you’re a new user learning a tool or a seasoned user who wants to know more about what a tool offers.

Sendible says that its email response time ranges from under 12 hours to under 48 hours, depending on your plan.

Our average response time is 16 minutes.

Don’t trust our numbers? Search for “support” on these review sites’ comparison pages and see what users say.





Alex Humphries

Coming from someone who has built a career around customer service―the customer service we get from Agorapulse is second to none. Any queries we have are dealt with rapidly which makes a big difference.

Agorapulse is more than a Sendible alternative.

Agorapulse is a suitable alternative not only to Sendible but to many other social media management tools out there. Look how our average user rating compares to even the big tools in our space.

social media tool comparison

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