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Written by Lisa Kalner Williams

Last modified October 23, 2020 at 9:02 pm

How to Schedule Instagram Posts


Each month, more than 20,000 people search Google for a way to schedule Instagram posts. 

If you’re a social media manager, you might very well be one of those 20K searchers.

Search no longer, my friend. We have a way to schedule and publish posts to Instagram from your desktop or mobile device.

And we’re not just an “Instagram posting tool.” In fact, we offer all our customers Instagram scheduling, publishing, monitoring and reporting. (Does your social media dashboard give you all four?)

Quick note before we dive straight in:

You can only enable Instagram direct publishing for business accounts. 

This is a current restriction of the Instagram API. As a proud Instagram Partner, we must abide by the rules of the ‘gram.

So the old ways of publishing are still true if you’re clinging tightly to your personal profile status for some reason.

Personally, I recommend joining 80 percent of Agorapulse Instagram users and convert over to a business account.

How Agorapulse can schedule Instagram posts for you

Business Accounts

In 2018 the Instagram powers-that-be saw fit to allow us mere mortals to auto-publish some content using authorized third-party apps. It’s really important to understand the limitations to this, or you’re going to have a bad time.

  • Only Instagram business accounts (that are linked to a Facebook page) can make use of this
  • Limitations on carousels, video or Stories at this stage
  • The image needs to be a square (a 4:5 to 1.91:1 aspect ratio range if you want to be a geek about it).
  • No native Instagram filters can be used, so make sure to use an editing app like Canva, Snappa or Photoshop before scheduling
  • You can’t tag other users; hashtags are totally fine though
  • You can either publish immediately or schedule it for a later time and date.

Okay, deep breath. Continue.

And yes … scheduling supports more than one Instagram account. If you use Agorapulse only for Instagram, our small plan gives you 3 accounts and our medium plan gives you 10 accounts to schedule Instagram posts.

Now that we have all that down, this video explains exactly how to set up Agorapulse to chauffeur your Instagram content for you.


Are you one of those efficient types that clumps all their Instagram design work together for the month, or for an entire campaign? Agorapulse has a treat for you then―you can bulk upload up to 100 images at once from a CSV file. Even better, you can then set these to schedule or put into a preconfigured publishing category. These are great for padding out your calendar without running the risk of being repetitive.

Bulk upload images and schedule to social media.

Bulk upload images and schedule to social media.

Queue them up into categories with individual publishing frequency

Personal Accounts

On your app or desktop, go to the publishing tab of the Instagram account you want to post to.

Add your photo, caption, and either select publish now or schedule. On the app, I’ve selected the calendar at the bottom of my screen to choose the time I want this post of delicious Brazilian food to be seen by my followers. (I decided to use the Android app to do this. iOS users can also upload to Instagram on the go.)

schedule instagram posts


It will then be in my queue to be notified at the time I designate.

instagram publishing

I can also make or check my scheduled posts on my desktop publishing calendar. (This is especially handy for managers and clients who aren’t that mobile-friendly.)

content calendar


Once I’m notified on your mobile app, I simply press “publish” and I’m taken to a very familiar-looking Instagram screen.

schedule instagram posts

I can add extra emoji or hashtags, geotag, share with additional networks, and BAM! With some foresight, it takes mere seconds to post great content to Instagram at the time I want.

perfect instagram post

How Agorapulse can make your scheduled Instagram posts even better

You know our software doesn’t just schedule Instagram posts, right? We are a full-service social media management tool.

All of our plans include monitoring keywords, geotags, comments, bulk upload and ads comments on your Instagram accounts.

instagram ad comments

Our plans also include Web and customizable PowerPoint reports to share your Instagram analytics with team members (or clients) and to improve the results of your next round of scheduled Instagram posts!

instagram followers report


Compared to our big competitors, we are the ONLY social media management tool to give our customers Instagram scheduling AND publishing, along with monitoring AND reporting.

multiple Instagram account

Can’t Agorapulse just publish Instagram posts to my Personal Profile as well?

While we would love to publish your photos to all types of Instagram account, we’d be breaking the Instagram Terms of Service.

Since we are an official Instagram Partner, we don’t want to do anything to compromise our relationship with Instagram.

You might know of other tools that publish directly to Instagram no matter what type of account you have. No matter what they tell you, those tools are treading on thin ice with Instagram’s rules. And they sure aren’t an Instagram Partner.

If you use one of those tools, you’re at risk of losing your Instagram account. And if you’re managing a client’s Instagram account through one of those tools, be careful! Nothing worse than saying, “Oopsie! I got your account banned because I used a shady tool to manage it. Can I still get paid this month?”

Plus, seriously – there’s a whole bunch of other benefits to converting over to a business account – like analytics and insights!

So, within Instagram’s Terms of Service, we’ve come up with the most comprehensive tool to schedule, publish, monitor and report on your Instagram profile.

We hope you like using it as much as we do.


Lisa Kalner Williams

Lisa Kalner Williams is the Lead Social Media Strategist for Sierra Tierra Marketing and the Content Marketing Director for Agorapulse. You might see her speaking across the country on how to better market using Instagram.

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