Video marketing for agencies may seem like a given. But many clients are still reluctant and need convincing of video marketing’s power.

Video is the hottest trend across the Internet for years now. It’s only expanding, and users love it. In fact, people expect brands and businesses to bring in more video content.

By 2022, 82% of the global Web traffic will derive from video streaming, according to Cisco. So, unlike Bitcoin and Tesla stocks, it’s never too late to invest in video marketing.

Viewership pool is only rising. And brands increasingly understand how powerful the medium is, and they want to compete.

While most business owners probably know that they should harness the power of video, they are often put off by technical peculiarities, strategy uncertainty, and overall challenges that come with video content creation.

It is your agency’s job to encourage clients to invest in video marketing and show them your agency can do the job.

How to Convince Clients to Use Video

There are a lot of familiar and already trivial stats out there that only prove how impactful videos can be for business success across any touchpoint:

  • On social media, people claim that videos are their favorite content type. Some 73% of users admit their importance within the purchasing decision.
  • With a 54% brand awareness boost, brands also get 66% more qualified leads because of videos.
  • 88% of marketers tend to be satisfied with videos’ return on investment.

Multiply these stats with ever-growing view times. Users spend almost 7 hours a week watching video content. And you get the ultimate elevator pitch for convincing your clients that video marketing is not simply an extra perk your agency can offer.

However, abstract numbers, while impressive, will look too ephemeral.

As an agency, you have to really understand what the biggest client fears are and how your agency can mitigate and allay them.

Understand clients’ hesitation

At, we reached out to 450 business owners to ask them to share where their biggest challenges lie when thinking of adding videos to their marketing efforts:

What stops you from using video marketing for agencies?

Chart: What stops you from using videos in marketing?

With so many online platforms now video-driven ( from Instagram and TikTok to site content and even Amazon’s recent addition of product videos), it’s difficult for brands to pinpoint where to start in video marketing.

Then, there are production costs.

Yes, you can now barely get away and outperform the competition with low-quality and low-production videos. (Think YouTube here).

And even if they have that extra cash to invest in video content creation, they might feel they need even more to bring visibility.

So, here comes the key question about the ROI.

Of course, the best tactic here is to pinpoint what exactly is the biggest cornerstone in your clients’ slow video adoption. Conduct an in-depth interview or create a short Google form with video-related questions to send out to all your clients.

How to Deliver Tangible Business Results

Once you have an understanding of what stops your clients from integrating video content into their marketing strategy, you have to define what it is your agency can do for the client.

Of course, there are now multiple agencies out there that focus exclusively on video content. Yet smaller clients might be hesitant to address them. They have a lot on the plate. And going to a video-only agency might be too costly and inefficient.

Today every marketing channel, from social media to SEO, has a fair chance to show better results if it contains videos:

  • Video ads
  • Posts with videos on social media
  • Live streams
  • Video product overviews on the website
  • GIFs in emails, etc.

The key make-it-or-break-it factor here is to learn the technicalities and nuances that ensure high performance.

All agencies of different specializations can leverage their current expertise and help businesses implement videos across different channels.

In turn, adding the video function to your social media marketing agency can add an extra competitive edge and help you upsell your services to the clients.

video marketing best practices

So now, without any further ado, we’ll uncover how you, as an agency, can contribute to your clients’ video marketing success.

Social Media Marketing Agencies

Here are a few key ways of how video marketing services can enrich the clients’ experience with your agency.

Kick-start or grow video-based channels

Most social media platforms are now video-first. So, social media marketing agencies have myriads of opportunities to improve their clients’ performance on social media through videos.

Being a social media agency, you probably have expertise in most of the platforms.

Yet there are two video-only social networks you might want to add to your mix here: YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second-largest search engine, with billions of searches a month. So, your clients might be interested in harnessing the power of this platform.

If you’ve been working with YouTube in the past or ready to explore its capabilities, now is a great time to help some companies start their own channels.

Before you offer this, though, investigate the space for your client’s opportunities here.

To assess a potential market fit, you’d have to conduct thorough keyword research using Ahrefs, VidIQ, or Tubebuddy to find the topics that you can cover through videos and estimate potential traffic impact from any YouTube efforts.


  • High-margin service. On average, when doing anything YouTube-related, social media agencies charge around $100 an hour with a minimum budget of $5K.
  • Long-term relationship building. Building and managing a YouTube channel is not a one-off effort. So, if you manage to land a client for this kind of service, you’re likely to retain them for a longer time period. One successful case study can ensure a flow of clients within the niche due to high demand and proven results.


  • YouTube is pretty demanding in regards to video quality. So, you should be ready to hire a professional video production team unless your client already has one. Because in YouTube’s case, you cannot get away with generic and low-production video content.
  • YouTube success takes time. So, if you are dealing with an impatient client who expects to see immediate results one-two months into the campaign, this is not their go-to service.

TikTok channel

If your client’s audience is teenagers, developing TikTok is probably the only way to go now.

Many businesses still consider this platform as too experimental and can’t identify the content niche that will both match the brand voice and speak the same language as Zoomers.

Creativity is the key here. But in-house teams are rarely ready to produce outstanding ideas at scale.

example of tiktok as video marketing for agencies

The main challenge here is to be ready for extravagant experiments and most of the conservative business owners will be hard to convince.

At the same time, everyone wants to be on TikTok and if you learn how to break this wall, you will provide one of the most sought-after video marketing services.

How to Launch a Brand on TikTok: A CMO’s Guide [Ebook]

Scale video production to enhance the performance of current social media channels

Many businesses get completely confused about using videos in their current social channels.

They often need to produce a few videos a day yet also make sure they come in the right package:

  • Vertical
  • Square
  • Horizontal

All with different tones, highlights, CTAs, and styles.

And formats really matter here.

So you have to communicate this to your clients and offer video repurposing services. You can, of course, do this manually, or simply use professional tools that can take care of video repurposing in a fast and convenient way.

Help a client to start making live videos

During the pandemic, the live-streaming trend has exploded.

But successful live streams typically require a large team of professionals behind the scenes.

Now, without going into a full TV-news-like production mode, your agency can help its clients in ensuring a smooth live experience by offering expertise in:

  • Choosing the topics and right settings for the stream
  • On-camera behavior and posture
  • Best and most relevant must-have equipment
  • Live stream promotion tactics
  • Audience growth and retention strategies
  • Converting mere viewers into buying customers

In fact, there are entire agencies whose services are dedicated to live streams.

Advertising Agencies

Video ads are an art of their own. And many businesses, given that they are already ready to allocate budgets for video advertising, may prefer to turn to an ad agency in search of ultimate ad campaign results.

Many established ad agencies (think Leo Burnett, or Saatchi & Saatchi) used to focus on good old TV ads.

Yet, you might want to add online video ads into your services because they are more affordable (thus, you can attract more new clients) and sought-after by even the biggest brands always investing in high-quality advertising.

Moreover, despite the drastic revenue slowdown during the pandemic, digital video ads were the only advertising medium that kept growing:

advertising spend is falling in key markets and across most channels

Chart: Ad spend is falling in key markets and across most channels.

Here are a few reasons why brands address ad agencies for video ad creation and promotion:

  • They follow new emerging trends and adopt new technologies bringing a positive impact on performance.
  • They have access to industry benchmarks and market data.
  • They can run data-driven A/B tests and, thus, ensure maximum performance from any ad efforts.
  • They have the expertise and can suggest which narrative fits the platforms and is more likely to resonate with the audience.
  • They can maximize impact from campaign assets by building a creative remarketing campaign with another set of video ads (for example, using customer reviews).

Influencer Marketing Agencies

Your clients know all the incredible stories of how one influencer helped brand X skyrocket revenue and bring in new customers.

Yet many are hesitant to approach influencer and opinion leaders. The big stars are often too expensive, while the lower-key ones are hard to spot.

Now, placing an ad on an influencer’s account can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000.

And the costs across platforms are only surging:

influencer marketing costs

Chart: Influencer Marketing Costs

As an influencer marketing agency, one can help companies establish a trustworthy relationship with an industry expert or simply break into the market by turning to vloggers.

In any case, you can always show your client that growing a similar audience with the same level of trust, they’d have to spend X time more so your placement is worth the effort.

Plus, you can help brands pinpoint influencers that have the best audience vs. cost fit.

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Email Marketing Agencies

Adding video services to your email marketing agency can also bring you an upsell and drive more impressive results.

For instance, you can help clients to start building funnels that drive email subscribers to videos.

There are many ways to go about integrating videos into your clients’ email strategy:

  • Build a stronger brand affinity by sharing exclusive subscriber-only video content and by showcasing company culture or your staff.
  • Share teasers for upcoming product launches or events and send users to sign-up pages.
  • Send people to educational videos that trigger higher engagement with the brand and, thus, ensure higher LTV.
  • Drive people to sales-focused videos (e.g., product overviews) and help clients increase sales and trigger upsells.

You can help clients experiment with types of video content on various customer funnel stages and test various storytelling techniques for different segments of an email base.

Adding videos into your email marketing strategy may sound like a breeze, yet there are many peculiarities here that impact CTRs, open rates, and watch times.

Performance Marketing Agencies

As a performance marketing agency, you probably juggle a lot of channels and content formats to ensure growth across multiple performance metrics.

And videos can be instrumental to your campaign results as they are proven to:

  • Boost site traffic by 77%.
  • Trigger engagement with your product/service (72% of users would rather learn about a product through video).
  • Retain site visitors for longer (88% more time on-site);
  • Improve site rankings.
  • Increase purchases by 85%.

Now, to get to these impressive results, these kinds of agencies need to know how to use the right videos at the right stage of the customer journey.

This single piece of expertise is the key reason why businesses seek a performance marketing agency.

In this case, you need to guide your clients on what types of videos they can utilize to improve their performance:

  • Product demos and explainer videos on product pages that showcase the product/service in the way users want to consume this info
  • Video customer testimonials that boost the conversions of product pages
  • Behind-the-scenes or staff introductions and tips for amplifying brand affinity and bring a human touch to the online experience
  • Onboarding videos and expert webinars to guide new clients and engage with the existing audience

In Conclusion

With the constant expansion of video, your clients, as old-school and conservative as they might be, know about it.

As an agency, you have to be on the edge of today’s trends.

Because this is what people turn to agencies for expertise, jobs well-done, and results. And nowadays, it’s hard to get any results without using videos across any marketing channel you are offering to enhance.

Thus, with a little push and convincing, you can suggest adding video services into your offer for greater results and extra cash to grow and develop your agency’s performance.

In a way, this can be the win-win both you and your clients need.

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How Agencies Can Harness the Power of Video Marketing for Their Clients