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December 29, 2016 at 8:00 am

Instagram Engagement Rates Will Drop If You Keep Doing This

As Instagram becomes more popular, cutting through the noise as a business and getting in front of your ideal customer can become a little harder to achieve. In this post we’ll go over some habits to drop if you want to increase Instagram engagement rates for your brand or business.

Posting Inconsistently

Social media marketing is a commitment! Posting here and there won’t help improve your Instagram engagement rates. Post consistently to stay in front of your audience’s eyes and keep growth and engagement going. Little by little you’ll Try starting at 3 posts a week and go up from there.

Not Adding Hashtags

Getting in the habit of using hashtags is one of the simplest ways to increase Instagram engagement rates. Try hashtagging some keywords in your captions to begin with. Once you feel comfortable with that do your research and find what hashtags your audience is using and what hashtags are relevant to your industry.  Not sure how to use hashtags on Instagram? Catch up by reading: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram.

Forgetting to Use the Link in Your Bio

Instagram gives you one link space, so use it to your advantage! When you have a new product, blog post, or landing page to promote, pop your link in your bio and create posts with a call to action to click on the link in your bio (or profile if that’s your preferred term). If you have an engaged audience this can be a great way to generate a little more traffic.

instagram engagement rate tip

Not Using Calls to Action

Have you heard of the phrase “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” – apply that mentality to your Instagram strategy. Sometimes to get engagement and interaction you have to ask for it. This can be done with open ended questions that you can ask your customers to answer in the comments, polls, or have them weigh in on product  choices. Even if you don’t get any answers at first, keep asking and get friends or employees to break the ice by answering first.

instagram engagement example

Disregarding Analytics

Stay on top of your Instagram analytics. Take a look at what posts are getting the most likes and comments. Take a look at what similarities the posts have when it comes to posting time, hashtags used and any filter or color scheme that may have helped gain more attention.

In general you should keep track of followers, likes per photo, number of comments and more with a few tools. If you’ve switched over to an Instagram Business account you’ll have access to built in analytics. Instagram shows you the amount of reach, impressions, profile views, link clicks and direction requests (if you have a brick and mortar location) your account has accumulated. You’ll even see a comparison to the week before. You can also see when your fans are online so you can post at the time when your account is in front of the most eyes.


For extra analytics and better understanding of my audience I’ve been using Agorapulse. The reports in this tool give you detailed information about your growth , hashtags that have drummed up the most engagement, shows who your top followers are and can even help you track your brand hashtags.

instagram analytics report

Using Auto-Commenters or Follow Bots

Generic auto comments are annoying, and getting followed over and over by the same person is just as irritating. You’re not fooling anyone – social media users are savvy to these interactions. You risk looking spammy, therefore deterring anyone from following you or interacting with your account.

Not Responding to or Interacting with Comments

Remember to engage with those leaving comments on your photos. Hopefully, they aren’t bots – but regardless make sure to answer questions or use Instagram’s new commenting liking feature to show fans you are willing to have conversations and care about what they have to say. Agorapulse has helped me stay on top of new comments on my Instagram account, as well as tracking hashtags and finding posts that I may have other wise missed out on.

reply instagram comments

Not Posting Video

Instagram is all about visuals, videos included. Raise your Instagram engagement rates by creating and using video content on your account. Your videos can be really simple in production, but you’ll see a big impact. Try showing fans how to use your product, conduct a small Q&A session, or just give them a company update. You should also try using Instagram Stories and Instagram Live Video to add a little oomph to your strategy. For a little inspiration read: Ideas to Steal for Your Next Instagram Video.

instagram stories gilmore girls

Not Interacting with Other Accounts

This can be a little time consuming, but try to comment and like content from accounts that fit your target market, belong to influencers or that are similar to you – maybe even get involved in conversations. If you are looking for engagement try engaging with others first. Engaging with other accounts can expose your brand to new eyes, and gain the attention of those who are interested in your content.

Posting Irrelevant Content Just for Engagement Sake

One of the biggest mistakes you can make for the longevity of your Instagram account is to post content that has nothing to do with your brand for the sake of getting likes. Sure, you’ll get an initial boost, because who can resist a cute puppy (or cute cat)?

But when you post your “real content” – the content that really is particular to your business, no one will engage with you. Why? Because those cute puppy lovers won’t be the right audience.

In order to increase Instagram engagement rates keep your posts brand centric, or closely related to interests of your target audience (and followers). Context is everything – so even if you are going for more of an engaging post, remember to tie it back to your brand.

multiple Instagram account

Raising your Instagram engagement rates will require effort and strategy, but all will be worth it in the end. Remember to experiment with new features, show personality and have fun.

Have you found a particular tactic to raise your Instagram engagement rates? Share it with us in a comment below!

Learn how to keep your Instagram engagement rates as high as possible
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